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Zipped Away!

Canopy Tours SA, certainly know how to get the blood pumping!

The N3 Gateway were invited to share in the adrenaline vibes of the Karkloof Canopy Tours recently. What a thrill! I was able to take my girls with, 6 & 8 years, initially the eldest was apprehensive, but by the end she and her younger sister were screaming MORE!!

Karkloof Canopy Tours ensure your safety is number 1, so after our health and safety briefing we put on the kit, helmets and off we climbed up the steep hill, care of the Karkloof Canopy Tours 4×4 vehicle. We got to the first platform via a short walking path, once clicked into place we practiced our Tarzan screams and how to break before hitting any foliage or tree’s. In order to get back to your car you need to get through 10 zip lines, we were advised of a few walking trails back to the bottom, but NO we were in it for the long haul.

What an exhilarating experience, screaming through the air above the trees is quite breathtaking. The staff are so attentive to your needs and nerves – they are great psychologists to and have a calming way of  preparing you mentally for the next line. Just know, if a 5 year old and a 93 year old can do it, so can YOU!

Accompanying us on this mind-blowing morning were a group of nervously excited Travel Bloggers, here are a few of their captions:

“We started our weekend at Karkloof Canopy Tours.
I do not like heights plain and simple but given the chance I would redo this experience again and again! Zip lining from tree to tree and cliff to cliff is absolutely exhilarating and doing this with a group of friends just makes it that much more fun.

Upon arrival in the cold frosty morning we where greeted by friendly staff and hot coffee. After an introduction to zip lining, gearing up and Splitting into groups, we headed up the mountain a an open air 4×4. Arriving at the first zip line my thoughts where mostly about how wonderful it was to be out in nature and among the trees… that thought passed a couple of zip lines in and turned to excitement as soon as I saw the ground disappear beneath my feet as I flew over the tops of the trees and gazed downward over the massive green valley below!

The guides where friendly, knowledgeable and importantly always put safety first – not once did I feel uncomfortable or in danger of any kind.

The experience was unforgettable! Thank you Karkloof Canopy Tours for Making my day.” from @dayn_w


Karkloof Canopy Tour:

This was the third time I have been ziplining, first time doing the Karkloof Canopy Tour however. I was expecting it to be the same as the previous zipline I had been on at Lake Eland, but this was not the case. We walked through beautiful pathways surrounded by lush, green forests to get to the zipline posts – the only sounds being us and nature. The ziplines were fantastic and staff was very friendly and helpful. We had a lot of laughs and a really good time.


‘This was my first time ziplining – ever!! I’m not scared of heights but the unknown made me a little apprehensive. the staff briefed up brilliantly on what to expect and after the first zipline, it was just pure exhilarating fun, zipline after zipline in between beautiful forests and nature. I’ll definitely be back and can highly recommend everyone to pay them a visit for a few hours of amazing fun.’

Needing to exercise those Tarzan lungs, zip through the trees and have a great day out! This maybe your next outing! You can find Karkloof Canopy Tours along with wonderful foodie destinations, craft shops, accommodations, activities on the Midlands Meander.


Lori Voss

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