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Your Valentine’s Day dilemma SOLVED

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Your Valentine’s Day dilemma SOLVED

How many of us roll our eyes at the thought of buying into the super commercialised Valentine’s Day celebration?

The thought of rushing to the florist, or maybe the nearby petrol station, to purchase a bunch of flowers, is a little overwhelming when you are still trying to get to work, do the school run, remembering to brush your teeth and ‘did you put under arm on for the day’? So rather than scare yourself and grab an outrageously overpriced bunch of flowers all in the name of ‘Love’, rather make it personal! How about producing a sunset to die for, or a few delicious bites for a picnic with a tremendous view, or that bucket list hike to the top of the mountain (or was it a helicopter flight?!) to declare your undying love to that special person in your life?

According to Mintels in the United Kingdom, 55% of UK Valentine’s shoppers felt that experiences were better than products. And we couldn’t agree more, just insure you have booked a professional photographer for the day as its going to be EPIC.

Here are our TOP 5 Valentine’s Day inspirations:

  1. Karkloof Falls, Howick
    The drive towards the falls certainly ensures you are heading somewhere special as you adventure along a road in the plantation. You finally pop out at a view site of the Karkloof Falls. You are able to head higher to a lookout above the falls, where picnic sites are available for you to embrace the swirling sounds of the river before it dives down to the gorge. Head out of Howick on the Karkloof Road, be on the look out for signage to your right 10 km along this road.
    Karkloof Falls, Howick
  2. Amphitheatre Hike, Northern Drakensberg
    Imagine Dragons’ song, “I’m on top of the world, hey…” will automatically come to your brain as you stand at the top of this majestic mountain. Home to the source of the Tugela River, which plummets 948m to the ground, it is rather exciting to view as it is the second tallest falls in the WORLD. What a spectacle to view with your loved one. Get active and head to the Sentinel Car Park to discover this awe inspiring, yet challenging hike.

    Amphitheatre Hike, Northern Drakensberg

    Image: Active Escapes

  3. Clarens by Bike, Eastern Free State
    What can we say, an absolute delight of a town with art galleries, craft breweries, coffee roaster, and delectable eateries, not forgetting the shopping experience. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to grab a mountain bike to discover the beauty of the sandstone cliffs, game farms, and exceptional countryside.

    Clarens by Bike, Eastern Free State

    Image by Alison at Clarens Safari

  4. Tubing the Umzimkhulu River, Southern Drakensberg
    Spot on the money, lazy tubing down the river for roughly an hour. The life of the river rat is what you experience as you spot weavers, swifts and various other water birds swooping low around the river. There is incredible plant life, rich and green, with a few gentle rapids to keep you excited.

    Image: @TeamKhotso, Underberg

  5. Sunset over the Nambiti Game Reserve, Ladysmith
    There is nothing quite like an African sunset to keep you fixated as you await the final colours of red disappear from the horizon. Just imagine this part of the day, with a sundowner in your hand and a jackal calling in the background. Yes please, take us with!

Sunset over the Nambiti Game Reserve, Ladysmith

View Mintel’s study on Valentines Day:

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