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Woman in Tourism – Southern Drakensberg – Part 1

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Woman in Tourism – Southern Drakensberg – Part 1

We are so excited to tell you that two ladies were mentioned for the Southern Drakensberg area. Meet Helga and Michelle! Both have served on the Southern Drakensberg Tourism Association board for many years. Helga has recently retired.

We begin our Woman in Tourism – Southern Drakensberg journey with Helga Mclean.

Where do you live and what tourism business do you own or take part in? 

I have a humble abode in Himeville. I work at Cedar Garden B&B in Underberg and help my husband Stuart run his Birds and Beyond Tours .

Birds and Beyond

What percentage of your staff contingent are woman? 


Is there a special lady in your community you feel deserves a special mention?

The special lady had many terrible traumas in her life and had to give up her dreams especially her further education and yet she always gives, cares and helps, quite often more than she should!  Her B&B guests often get treated to delicious dinners even though they are only booked for breakfast. <- (OOO we would love to meet this lady!)

Cedar Gardens Bed and Breakfast

What inspired you to venture into Tourism and what do you enjoy most about it?  

I have always wanted to know what the interesting facts are about places, places I would  visit if I could!  After school I completed the Tourism Diploma and went on to do a Nature Conservation Diploma as I felt these actually work hand in hand.

Sani Pass

What do you enjoy most about the Southern Drakensberg community?  

It is a close-knit community and should someone be in trouble, everyone rallies and gives their support.

Which is your special space in the Southern Drakensberg area to go to relax?  

There is a small farm just outside Himeville that has the most spectacular views of the Sani Pass, Hodgons Peaks and the Khanti.  Dams with resident cranes and friendly Nguni cows are good for the soul.

Molly Moo Barnes Image

Should a visitor have one day to enjoy your area, what would you recommend they should do?

 I would send the fit and hearty on a Bushman Painting hike to “The Marching Men” with a guide.  The guides have an unbelievable knowledge of the history, geology, fauna and flora of the Southern Drakensberg.  For the guests that prefer an ‘African Massage’, the Sani Pass is an adventurous highlight not to be missed.

Khanti Bushman Painting Hike
Lori Voss

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