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Woman in Tourism – 1000 Hills

As we celebrate women this month, we took a deeper look at a few of those special ladies among our N3 Gateway members who are the ‘rock’, ‘stalwart’ and ‘ball of fire’ in their respective communities!

We begin our journey in Durban as we meet Nomcebo Langa, owner of ‘1000 Thrills’ and board member of the 1000 Hills Tourism Association.

Give us a hint on why you chose to live in 1000 Hills area? 

I personally chose to live in 1000 Hills area due to the breathtaking views of the Valley of a Thousand Hills and all that is found there.

What do you love about your community on the 1000 Hills? 

1000 Hills is a place of incredible natural beauty, mystical legends, astounding views and adrenalin stirring adventures with a warm and friendly community. 1000 Hills is a place that from the moment you leave, you will be planning your next visit.

Which woman are you inspired by in your community? 

Nomfundo Mcoyi the founder and CEO of Icebolethu Group. Nomfundo is originally from my home town (Mpumalanga Township). Nomfundo has inspired numerous entrepreneurs, not only in our community but globally as her business, Icebolethu Group, has over 80 branches in South Africa, plus London, United Kingdom. Her business innovation strategy has led to Economic upliftment, community development through job creation (where she employs more than 1000 employees) and poverty relief (induction to social and environment resources).

What is your role in the 1000 Hills Tourism Association?

I am currently the Treasurer of 1000 Hills Tourism Association. We, as the committee members of 1000 Hills Tourism Association meet on a monthly basis to make strategic tourism decisions which will benefit the community of 1000 Hills and most importantly to attract more tourists (local and international) to visit the 1000 Hills Area and to maintain the unique product awareness.

What inspired you to create 1000 Thrills?

There is a lack of transformation in respect of Township tourism, culture, heritage and diversity. I saw the gap in the market and wanted to showcase the unique rural-township-tourism and local experiences that are on offer.

Are your clients mainly International or Local?

Our clients are mainly international, they enjoy engaging and participating in local culture, adventure activities and heading out on our Zulu Cultural Tour. The Zulu Cultural Tour introduces our clients to the local culture, community, a Traditional Healer, plus a visit to an Induna (Local Headman), we end off with local entertainment from our Traditional Zulu Dancers. 1000 Thrills offer an unforgettable journey into the culture and traditions of our people.  

The local tourists enjoy our famous 1000 Thrills Restaurant where we provide African cuisine and guests are able to book our accommodation. We also offer private parties, functions for corporates along with team building and year end functions.

How many woman do you employ?
We employ 76% women at 1000 Thrills. As directors of 1000 Thrills, we set this Human Resource policy to be aligned with National Development Plan and Radical Economic Transformation principles of South Africa.

Should a visitor have just one day to visit the 1000 Hills area, what would you suggest they enjoy whilst in your area?

One day is definitely not enough to showcase what the 1000 Hills has to offer as there is so much to do for visitors; hiking, camping, train rides, horse-riding, farmer’s market, local experience, sporting events and many other options…  Valley of 1000 Hills has different services to offer from township experience/lifestyle, magnificent accommodation establishments, incredibly diverse products with over 60 restaurants, various adventures and entertainment on offer. A few places to visit include: Phezulu Safari Park, Intaba View, Magaba Lounge, Casablanca, Makaranga Garden Lodge, Vuk’Africa experience, Umgeni Steam Railway, Shongweni Farmers Market.

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