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Woman in Tourism – Midlands Meander

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Woman in Tourism – Midlands Meander

Who doesn’t love a piece of fudge? We ventured into the Midlands Meander area to find Tasha Jardim of Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge. Tasha gave us further insight into the Midlands Meander and how her fudge entrenched her in the Midlands community!

We asked Tasha, born in Zimbabwe, how she came to live in the Midlands Meander area? 

Fate decided for us,  when we were looking for a house to buy with what suited our brief the second house we looked at I had hardly walked through the gate and I knew this was home.  That was 18 years ago and we have loved it and never doubted our choice.

What do you love about your community on the Midlands Meander?

The sense of community, small town living, the peace and quiet.  We can choose to join the rat race just down the hill or avoid it.

Which woman are you inspired by in your community?  
Julie Hay from Singakwenza, what she has done and learnt with in the scope of learning for the baby to pre school years and Marian Evans from the Midlands Meander office, she just gives tenacity and grit.

Just a short description of your role in tourism on the Midlands Meander? 

I have been involved with the MMA, first as a member and then as part of the board.  Within my business I promote our area to a greater community in KZN.

What inspired you to create Tasha’s Fudge? 

It started out as a means to make extra money, there was always too much month at the end of the money!  Tashas’ Fantastic Fudge, grew from strength, word of mouth, a little piece in a food magazine.  What started in my home kitchen eventually out grew  the garage which we had converted to our first premises.  It has been a roller coaster ride.

Would we find Tasha’s Fudge in a retail store in another country? 

No retail store but I do know that Tasha’s Fantastic has gone into many a suitcase to all parts of the world! America, Australia, England are the few I know of.

Out of the total number of staff you employ, what % are woman? 

Around 65% women – they are committed workers as they hold families together, feed the children and responsible for the old.  They understand commitment better as well as teamwork.

Should a visitor have just one day to visit the MMA, where would you send them? 
That is a hard one, so many places to visit.  I will admit that whenever we have visitors be it local or international we always visit Terbodore but it does depend what you are looking for.  If you only do it once, I would visit Dargle Pottery,  Linga Lapa for biltong and snacks, and one of the many food places for afternoon tea.

Terebedore Coffee Roasters
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