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Woman in Tourism – Lesotho

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Woman in Tourism – Lesotho

The N3 Gateway Tourism Association incorporates Lesotho on our route and we turn to our neighbor to learn more about their powerful ladies! Mamothe Mohapi was the suggestion from Lesotho Hotels and Hospitality Association, read further and discover the accolades Mamothe has achieved in her time in Tourism.

We asked Mamothe where she lives and what she enjoys about her community.

I live in Lesotho Maseru District. I have a Lodge called Molengoane Lodge and Ka Pitseng (Inside the pot is mouth-watering food) Guest House. I will be opening another Lodge called Molimo Nthuse (God Help me Pass) Lodge in August. I have been in hospitality business since 1998.

What I love about the LHHA community is we are in tourism and we help each other in market our establishments and Lesotho together as one voice.

Which woman has inspired you in your life?

I was inspired by my grandmother who was very determined in anything in love. She made me who I am today.  She made me understand that sharing is the winning gesture. This is the MOTTO that I use in promotion of LHHA.

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What is your role in Lesotho Tourism?

I was the Chairperson of Lesotho Hotel and Hospitality Association whereby I was able to increase membership from 35 to 80 members within a year through advocacy, motivating others to join and by also reviewing benefits of the LHHA. I encouraged members for our Association to join N3 route Association to reap benefits. This month of July, I was the FIRST Mosotho woman to be given the Highest Award of Officer of the Most Meritorious Order of Mohlomi (OMMOM) by the KING of Lesotho in recognition of my contribution in the Eco-tourism sector in Lesotho through operation of number of successful Hospitality facilities that have grown over the years to offer employment to more than 60 Basotho. I was in the Board of Director of Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation and The Grading Award Committee in Lesotho.  At the moment, I am part of the current LHHA committee.

Mamothe, how did you get into Tourism?

My husband was a hotelier. He has been working as Manager in different hotels in Lesotho, therefore, I encouraged him to do our own hospitality business.

Are your clients mainly internationally or local?

My clients are both local and international.

What percentage of staff make are woman?

80% are women.

Should a visitor have one day to visit your area of Lesotho, what would you suggest they enjoy whilst in your area? 

One day visit in Lesotho around my area could see the nearby Bushmen Paintings, visit Thaba-Bosiu (mountain at night) which is our heritage  and take pony trekking to the Kome Cave house and Tour our City.  OR one can take a long trip to the biggest dams in Lesotho OR go to the Highest drop waterfall called Maletsunyane Semonkong Fall and enjoy absailing.

Image by Semonkong Lodge
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