What would you call Clarens?

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What would you call Clarens?

There is an interesting story on how our beautiful town of Clarens (in the Free State that is!) got it’s name.

Who knew there was a Clarens in Switzerland too? And equally as beautiful as the South African version. Although the majority of its residents speak French and the town sits besides a lake: South Africa does have a familiar historical figure that lived in the town for 6 months before passing away. Paul Kruger, the Transvaal President (1882 -1898), seeked refuge in Clarens, Switzerland, as the British started to advance on Pretoria in 1904. He survived 6 months in Clarens and died of heart failure.

Clarens, Switzerland


The Free State town of Clarens was formed in 1912, when two farms were sold, Lelihook and Naaupoort. The decision was made to name this newly formed village, Clarens, due to Paul Kruger’s influence on the FreeState-Basotho War of 1865.

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