What do YOUR toll’s pay towards?

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What do YOUR toll’s pay towards?

Our team had the fortunate opportunity to be hosted by the Commercial Manager of the N3TC, Mr Con Roux, on a N3 Route road trip. We got to wear PPE (personal protective equipment), explore the toll booths, view the Incident Management Centre, as well as understand, to the amazing extent, how the N3TC is constantly ensuring your safety on the road.

This blog will give you some insight as to what your toll fees are paying towards, and the wonderful work the N3TC is doing to ensure a world class road lies between Heidelberg and Cedara.

N3TC’s mandate is to design, construct, finance, operate and maintain the N3 between the Cedara interchange, near Hilton, in KwaZulu-Natal and the Heidelberg South interchange in Gauteng.

Having established a sound engineering and financial platform, N3TC is now refining and expanding its business model to address customer needs, namely safetyconvenience and mobility.

Safety: the ability to travel on a world-class road, with engineering, education and enforcement forming the pillars of our drive towards a safer N3.

Convenience: the ease with which road users – from business and recreational travellers to commercial hauliers – can travel along the N3 Toll Route.

Mobility: where traffic congestion, construction and accident delays are minimised and throughput at toll plazas is maximised.

Have you ever noticed the small blue markers on the side of the road? Wondered what they are there for? They are there to assist you, should you be in need of assistance; from changing a tyre to assisting with re-fueling.

This image will guide you on what to do when in need of assistance.

Once you make contact with the N3TC help line (0800 63 4357), a N3TC Route Patrol vehicle will make its way to your location and assist with your needs.

Save the all important number 0800 63 4357 to your phone now. (This is a 24 hour service)

Safety on the N3TC is paramount; with road maintenance taking place regularly. The N3TC perform other duties such as: clearing of debris from the road, fire breaks in the winter, grass cutting; drug, alcohol and eye tests are conducted; truck driver wellness days are offered, orphans from accidents along the road are visited and given a gift, child trafficking patrols are conducted and the list continues…

The N3TC contributes a substantial amount of their funds to many Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects. From creche to tertiary education, health programs; river health, fauna and flora care; care for the young, mature and the disabled; medical volunteers, alien invasive plant clearing; sport and music development, plus enterprise and skill development projects are all assisted with along the route.

You can check live N3TC route and weather updates via Twitter, by following @n3route. Don’t forget to let your passengers do the tweeting!





Lori Voss


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