We are taking YOUR travel temperature!

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We are taking YOUR travel temperature!

The heat is rising, rains are in full swing, rivers are swelling up and mother nature is cladding herself in the trendy 80’s party colour – luminous green! True story, mustard is out and lumo is in!

As you waft between balmy outdoor temperatures and Arctic air-conditioning climate (gotta love the ducted air-condition system), you may want to take note which destination is temperature ready for you!

We highlight a few of N3 Gateway’s popular Summer getaways:

City of Durban, eThekwini, Port Natal:
is just the perfect Winter destination in all of South Africa, isn’t it? One can still be seen at Ushaka Marine World in May grabbing a tan and able to splash in the sea, plus later head to the car with an ice-cream in hand and not have goose flesh!

In Summer, well Durban can be a rather flaming experience with temperatures soaring into the 30’s and humidity even causing the walls of your home to sweat!

One thing we do love about Durban in the Summer, nothing beats a watermelon picnic at the beach in the dead of Summer! Furthermore as you get older the water temperature tends to reduce your swimming time and that 26 degree sea temp is just glorious!

Oh wow, the Drakensberg in Summer, what an experience! You awake to bright blue skies. Head out in your T-shirt and shorts, discovering the mountainous landscape followed by the relieving river wild swimming. Not forgetting that obligatory instagram photo of you jumping off high rocks into a river pool. Returning to your ‘home away from home’ for lunch only to be forced with an afternoon siesta as the mighty Summer thunderstorms arrive. After an hour of intense rain, dramatic lightning and quite a loud clapping from the heavens, the sun appears again for your next swimming session and late afternoon stroll!

Temperatures can soar into the sweaty 30’s, but generally you can enjoy a mid to late 20’s day.

The land up in the Sky is something of a travel secret and rarely oversubscribed in the Summer vacay wrestle. It’s the perfect time to hit the roads of Lesotho and discover the many mountain passes that even Top Gear presenters would be in awe for years to come.

Be prepared for rather conflicting days which change on a day-to-day basis. Anything from an April Durban day in your light clothing to a Swedish Autumn wearing a pair of wellies, a down jacket with the windscreen wipers on full blast. It would certainly would suit the female teens of the family who need a wardrobe change every half hour.

What an absolute wonder to arrive into Gauteng and not experience road rage. ‘When does this take place?’ you ask. Only in December, as all residents have headed down the N3 for their Summer vacay. For those of you seeking quiet shopping, light traffic and empty play areas, head to Gauteng!

This overlooked Summer destination offers 13.5 hours of sunshine, acceptable humidity levels, and fabulous late 20 degree temperatures with no wind!

Let us know what your Travel Temperature is?

Lori Voss


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