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Umzimkhulu, a hidden gem!

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Umzimkhulu, a hidden gem!

We all know the famous Umzimkulu River that flows through Underberg exiting at Port Shepstone. However, did you know that there is a town with the same name? Umzimkhulu. We went to discover why you should stop, pause, take a break in this small farming town surrounded by gorgeous green hills and the strong flowing Umzimkhulu River.

What we discovered was that anyone interested in spending time in the countryside, surrounded by farm lands, culture, history and nature should make this area the scene for their next VACAY!

25 minutes from Umzimkhulu, you’ll find Ixopo which offers endless views of dairy farms with thick green grass and happy bovines munching endlessly on the grass beneath them. Here you can find Farm Stays to embrace your family in the slower life.

On arrival in Umzimkhulu, you cross the Umzimkulu River and can head straight to the Tourism Office to discover any events, tourist attractions we may have missed.





Emaus Mission is situated 17km from Umzimkhulu. Created by Abbot Francis Pfanner, founder of the Mariannhill Monestry, just outside of Durban. Here you can see how the Abbot’s good work of caring for the community has been continued today. Emaus Mission offers week-end retreats, walking to the Station of the Cross and special programs for Pilgrimages.


Ntsikeni Nature Reserve, located between Kokstand and Underberg, only one and a half hours from Umzimkhulu, has been declared a Ramsar Site due to its high altitude wetland importance. The site is the largest high altitude wetlands in South Africa.  A great birding location, with a number of bird species roosting in the wetlands and grasslands.  Please note a 4×4 is needed to visit this reserve due to bad road conditions.


Fodo Cultural Village

A cultural rich village situated at the highest point of the KwaFodo. The Zulu and Xhoso cultures are separated by the Umzimkhulu and Ibisi River, the area enjoys the diversity of the two cultures and one can come and view how the cultures exist at Fodo cultural village.

or perhaps head to Unity Social Lounge over the weekend and enjoy a cocktail, piece of meat with the local community whilst your car gets a thorough wash.


How wonderful to know that when you are passing through or overnighting at Umzimkhulu, there is the Umzimkhulu Mall, where you can find all your needs supplied under one roof.  No need to head all the way back to Pietermartizburg should you have forgotten anything.

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