Top 10 Drakensberg Summer Activities for Children

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Top 10 Drakensberg Summer Activities for Children

The Central and Northern Drakensberg always conjure up childhood memories of the family kitted out with sunblock, hats, water bottles and backpacks filled with ‘bribery’ sweeties to get our little legs motivated to keep hiking to the promised ‘private’ mountain pool, that will cool and refresh us. What a win for our parents to have this outdoor classroom so near to Johannesburg and Durban for a quick weekend getaway.

Big 5 Hike, Cavern Resort and Spa

Big 5 Hike, Cavern Resort and Spa

As many years have passed from those early years of what seemed like endless walks/hikes in the mountains, the mountains are still the same, the terrain is equally challenging and the views are just too gorgeous to not post on Instagram.

A return visit in the Summer, saw our family off to discover the area with our two girls who insisted on experiencing the Drakensberg to its fullest. What we discovered was more than just a challenging hike!

A top “to do” list as constructed by a six and nine-year-old!

  1. Chocolate tasting at Chocolate Memories, in the Cedarwood Village Centre, Champagne Valley. Which child doesn’t love chocolate? And especially when they are allowed to taste for FREE!
  2. Drakensberg Canopy Tour kept the girls screaming, giggling and laughing the entire duration. Although the girls were nervous to take the next line, they were begging to do the whole experience AGAIN as it ended! A tip if you are nervous, you can do the tandem option with a guide, this eased the nerves for my girls.
  3. Valley Bakery, such a score for the whole family! The aroma of freshly baked goodies as you enter the bakery is too delicious for words. Parents get to lounge at the table with mouthwatering nibbles and the children never tire of the playground amongst the tall trees.
  4. A tour at the Dragon Rock Reptile Centre will allow you to certainly conquer any fears you may have of being in close proximity to spiders and snakes. A great deal of care is given to all the reptiles that enter the centre, one walks away educated and in admiration for those who run this rehabilitation centre.
  5. A show at Falcon Ridge is worth every cent, watching the birds of prey gliding high up above on the thermals and then darting straight towards you is exhilarating.
  6. A day spent at Sterkfontein Dam rock jumping, yes on a windless day this is the ultimate excitement for our girls, who spend the entire day rock jumping into the clear waters of the dam. Occasionally you spot a huge yellowfish swimming along the rock line, another cause for excitement. Take a picnic and plenty of sunblock, you will be there for the day!
  7. A horse ride with The Northern Horse allowed our non-professional riders a chance to take it slow but yet have a taste of a trot, then, of course, the begging for horse riding lessons when they returned home.
  8. Bicycle rides in the mountains don’t have to be extreme, although the terrain certainly does cater for the more adventurous rider. All Out Adventures have mountain bike trails for all levels of riders, even allowing for our city slicker legs to make use of the trails.
  9. Drakensberg Scootours, a non-motorised off-road scooter that allows you to head down the hills and arrive into Dragon Peaks Resort. Imagine the excitement of your kids racing down the hills, big smiles!
  10. A short walk to Sterkspruit Falls at Monks Cowl, where wild horses wander and kids get to dip in the stream above the falls!

A highly useful Facebook page to discover is the Drakensberg Experience page which advises you on all events, accommodations, activities and food stops in the area.

Lori Voss

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