The region includes cross-border tourism from Lesotho via Phuthaditjhaba, Caledonspoort and Sani Pass

Located in the southern region of South Africa, the region includes fantastic cross-border tourism from Lesotho via Phuthaditjhaba, Caledonspoort and Sani Pass. It is a region that has experienced much growth over the years thanks to its incredible beauty and amazing attractions. This area has become a major destination for adventure travelers worldwide and has been attracting more and more visitors each year.

Those interested in exploring the region will find plenty of activities to choose from. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy amazing hikes, treks, and cycling tracks which traverse through the gorgeous landscape. If a traveler wishes to take things at a more leisurely pace, then there are plenty of interesting cultural tours that explore the local history, food, customs, and culture.

Those looking to see some of nature’s greatest creations can go on safari tours within the region or even experience high adventure sports such as white water rafting or sky diving. There are also numerous adventure parks throughout the region which shall offer plenty of fun activities such as zip lining or bungee jumping.

The cross-border tourism in the area continues to thrive driven by Lesotho’s stunning scenery and remote attractions. Tourists tend to travel here in search of natural beauty, adventure, or to learn more about the fascinating culture and traditions of Lesotho. One of the most popular attractions is Sani Pass located near Southern Drakensberg mountain range. An 8km winding road takes you from South Africa into Lesotho at an altitude as high as 2874m above sea level and offers breathtaking views of valleys and mountains along the way.

All these sites coupled with stunning landscape creates an unforgettable experience that no visitor should miss! So if you are looking for something new or just want to escape your regular routine then definitely consider visiting this amazing region!

The Eastern Cape region of South Africa has long been recognized for its stunning natural beauty and wide array of activities for tourists to explore. Recently, however, the region has become an increasingly popular destination for cross-border tourism from neighbouring Lesotho. The unique attractions and facilities offered in the region make it ideal for travelers looking for a combination of culture and adventure.

Starting in Phuthaditjhaba, visitors can experience the beauty of Qwaqwa National Park – characterised by its captivating rolling hills and entertainment opportunities such as hiking and birdwatching. After arriving in Caledonspoort, visitors can explore a range of sights such as the Caledon Nature Reserve which has spectacular panoramic views as well as a range of flora and fauna to be admired. For something more extreme, Sani Pass is a thrilling drive up an incredibly steep mountain pass from Lesotho into South Africa, with breathtaking views of the Drakensberg Mountains.

In addition to the natural landscape, visitors can also take in the cultural heritage on offer in the region. The local Basotho people have strong cultural roots in this area, with their traditional crafts still practised widely throughout. This combined with the reliable weather, epic scenery and variety of adventure activities have made this cross-border tourism hotspot increasingly popular over time.

No matter what kind of holiday you’re searching for – whether a sunny beach break or extreme skiing holiday – South Africa’s Eastern Cape and its border region in Lesotho offer something for everyone. With its mix of shopping, sightseeing and adventure activities, it is easy to see why so many international tourists from all over the world are choosing this destination for their trips.

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