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Gauteng is the commercial powerhouse of South Africa. However, its offerings are not limited to commerce and industry, Gauteng’s tourism contribution is equally impressive, with Johannesburg, Pretoria, and the Vaal River and Dam ranking as top Gauteng attractions.

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The Free State lies in the heart of South Africa, with the Kingdom of Lesotho nestling in the hollow of its bean-like shape. Lying between the Vaal River in the north and the Orange River in the south, the region is characterised by flat, rolling grassland and crop fields, rising to lovely sandstone mountains in the northeast.

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Free State Birding Route
Golden Gate Highlands National Park
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KwaZulu-Natal is known as the garden province of South Africa. It is a subtropical region of lush and well-watered valleys, washed by the warm Indian Ocean. One of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.


High in the mountains of Southern Africa, unique in that it is an independent nation completely surrounded by South Africa, is the Kingdom of Lesotho — the Kingdom in the Sky.
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