The N3 Gateway region extends from Pretoria in the north to the Valley of a Thousand Hills in the South of South Africa

The N3 Gateway Region is a rapidly-growing area in South Africa with Pretoria located in the north and the Valley of a Thousand Hills in the south. This region is a hotspot for businesses, tourists, and nature-lovers alike, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscape.

The N3 Gateway Region lies at the foot of Magaliesberg Mountain and is home to three major cities – Johannesburg, Pretoria, and KwaZulu-Natal – which together form the country’s largest urban region. It also includes some of South Africa’s most important wildlife reserves and game parks, such as Pilanesberg National Park, the Dinokeng Game Reserve, and Groenkloof Nature Reserve.

Businesses in the area are thriving thanks to its proximity to two major mining operations – Kemp-Ablani Gold Mine and Bokoni Platinum Mines. Its strategic location between Gauteng Province, Mpumalanga Province, and Kwazulu-Natal makes it well-suited for subsistence farming and agro-processing industries. This region is also an attractive destination for foreign tourists due to its easy access to nearby water sports and wildlife reserves.

The Valley of a Thousand Hills is one of the most breathtaking areas within the N3 Gateway Region. Its rolling hills are covered in trees and offer many opportunities for exploring nature on foot or on horseback. The valley is bordered by streams that provide a prominent source of water for dams, rivers, waterfalls, ponds, lakes, estuaries, lagoons, wetlands, coastal townships, and vast wetland ecosystems.

The N3 Gateway Region will remain a significant economic driver in South Africa well into the future. Its robust resources in terms of energy production, agribusinesses, tourism opportunities, hospitality services, logistics centers, passenger transport links, public transport systems such as Gautrain buses and railway lines – as well as its access to some of South Africa’s biggest ports – make it a strategic destination for business expansion or relocation for local or international investments.

Altogether the N3 Gateway Region offers a memorable experience to those who visit or do business here – from the awe-inspiring beauty of its Valley of a Thousand Hills to its changing landscape dotted with lush green forests or bustling urban spaces.

Located in the middle of South Africa, the N3 Gateway region extends some 500 kilometers from Pretoria in the north to the Valley of a Thousand Hills in the south. This area, which is often referred to as the Golden Triangle, is home to numerous industrial and economic activities, as well as many of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

The hub of trade and industry in the area lies within Gauteng province, which includes Pretoria – South Africa’s administrative capital – Johannesburg and its surrounding metro areas, Vaal Triangle and Highveld. The area is also home to major industrial clusters that specialise in automotive manufacturing and components, electronics and related products, light engineering and manufacturing services, clothing and apparel manufacturing and leisure products. Financial services is also a major part of this commercial center.

The region is fast evolving into one of South Africa’s most important tourist destinations. From safaris, game reserves, nature reserves and national parks to coastlines on both sides of the country, N3 Gateway has become an attractive destination for discerning travelers. Established tourist attractions like Sun City Resort is a golf destination complete with luxurious accommodations, entertainment venues, excellent restaurants and casinos. The Valley Of A Thousand Hills adds a cultural dimension to the region as it offers visitors museums, picturesque rock formations for scenic hikes, game reserves and traditional living experiences.

The N3 Gateway offers investors unparalleled access within South Africa and across the sub-region. With 21 approved border posts connecting South Africa to Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique as well as three major seaports in Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London – investors are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to trade corridors.

All these factors make the N3 Gateway region one of South Africa’s most important economic powerhouses and a must-visit tourist destination. Its thriving commercial center continues to attract suppliers, customers, entrepreneurs and talent from across southern African countries so come see what all the fuss is about!

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