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The N3 Gateway – A World of Colour and Happiness

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The N3 Gateway – A World of Colour and Happiness

The N3 Gateway – A World of Colour and Happiness
By Elsa Watson

For the past 8 years I have existed in the N3 Gateway world. I am now living (partially) aboard and so a part of my N3 Gateway life is coming to an end.

I dwelled or lived in three locations along the territory and worked with a profound passion in three positions for the project. It seems like everything is in ‘threes’ for the N3 Gateway and I.

Simply put, my jobs involved communities, tourism product development and marketing the N3 Gateway. It has been splendid. Each day involved a beautiful place, remarkable people and prospect.

1. Place – “The World”

So… the N3 Gateway functions to market all tourism product from Gauteng through the Free State, Lesotho, the Battlefields, Midlands and the Drakensberg to the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. It’s in my opinion, the most beautiful place on earth. In marketing the area, I have trekked across the N3 Gateway globe, finding myself in balloons above the Drakensberg’s valleys, in township tour shebeens, shivering down rapids, swinging around in trees and fixating on Battlefield history. I cant forget how maxed my credit card in awesome little shops (there many and I refuse to resist many things) and eating! I need to delve deeper into eating because it is ultimately my favorite thing in the whole world. The N3 Gateway has so much to offer the wanderlust eater, from fast food to quirky padstals, gourmet restaurants/delis and coffee shops owned by characters. Eating in places here generally gives your palette a joy ride but the ambience is always heart warming. The rural folk people who own these places have a passion for what they serve (in many cases the owner literally serves the food). They know where their produce comes from and they care about it, as if they have all been inspired by my favorite quote by Li Edelkoort “The Fountain of Inspiration is Nature”.




And then there is the nature. It’s my place of Zen, the place where the landscape enlightens my soul. I cannot put justice to the feelings that have been evoked by these vistas.

2. People – “The Colour”

The people along the N3 Gateway are all colourful. If I look at our team, subcontractors and board, I think a key character requirement in selection has been “colourful person”. Each and every single team and board member has heart for this place and project. I believe that is a comforting thought for you, the N3 traveller.

I have also been privileged to build relationships with the tourism product owners, employees and association members. What a hodgepodge characters! I smile when I think about each of you.

Our funders, the N3TC people…you all probably think of them as toll booth operators, hardcore engineers and cooperate managers. No ways! They are the most delightful bunch of flowers in my mind. They dedicate millions to the sustainable upliftment of this place but they do that with a real love and care for the place and people.

I have grown so much from my encounters with all the above-mentioned people.

3. Prospect – “The Happiness”

This destination is growing from strength to strength and it makes me happy to feel that way about a project when it is my time to leave.

So what’s your prospect to share in this happiness? How can you feel the spiritual Zen I have experienced here? How can you meet and grow from the colourful people? Easy – Go to the N3 Gateway!

Start by exploring Click on whatever tickles your fancy, there are over 170 itineraries for you to pick from.

Then GO TO the World of Colour and Happiness.


Lori Voss

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