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The heroic truth about the ‘Lady’ of Ladysmith

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The heroic truth about the ‘Lady’ of Ladysmith

Finding out how the name of a town originated is rather fun, especially when discovering the town of Ladysmith’s story.

Every wonder who the ‘Lady’ was in Ladysmith? We did a little exploring to see why perhaps the actual name of the Lady was not used in the town name.

Juana Maria de los Dolores de Leon Smith was the ‘lady’, Juana aged 14 years was married to the Governor Harry Smith, of whom the Free State town of Harrismith is named after. It would have been quite a mouthful of a name for a town, so we are quite grateful Harry declared the town Ladysmith. Should you be in for a  love story, get hold of Georgette Heyer’s novel, “The Spanish Bride” and learn how Harry met Juana during the Napoleonic War.

Ladysmith became world famous during the Anglo-Boer War. Several celebrated battles of the war were fought around the town of Ladysmith, and one can head into the Ladysmith Museum to view the many interesting displays. A great website to plan your Ladysmith Battles trip is Battlefields Route.

Whilst visiting Ladysmith, take a couple nights out to head into the 10 000 hectar Big 5 Nambiti Game Reserve. Taking the N11 out of Ladysmith, direction Newcastle, you will find this malaria-free, Big 5 Reserve which is home to nine lodges, over 40 species of game and an extensive list of birds. Looking for accommodation in the Nambiti, we have quite a few listed on our website: Nambiti Accommodation

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