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What a turn of events this world has seen? Just when we were saying ‘good riddance’ to 2019, 2020 claimed itself as a jaw dropping year! Who would have thought we would be supporting #TravelTomorrow and remaining indoors during the months with the best weather!

Unfortunately, with travel bans and lockdown in place across the world, our friends in the Tourism/Hospitality industry along with all their suppliers, have come to an absolute standstill. #TravelTomorrow

We are certainly living from one State of the Nation Address to the next, waiting to understand how our lives will be changed from week to week. With hospitality being considered a high virus spread, leisure travel will only resume toward the end of the post-lockdown strategy. #TravelTomorrow

What will the fabric of travel look like when we are finally allowed to escape the house? Certainly one that we have not yet experienced! However, there will be many new protocols and strict measures put in place to allow piece of mind to all travelers. Where could you go and what should you look out for when booking your first post-Covid getaway?

Social Distancing Acceptable:

  • Head to one of the many campsite and self-catering holiday options available along the N3 Gateway
  • Head to any of the nature reserves for a family walk and picnic

Can Hotels still be a Safe Option?

Are hotels still safe to stay at? Most definitely!
Look through Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Backpackers and Lodges’ protocols on how they will be operating in the future. (This should be listed on their website, or if not, you can request their action plan.)

Hotel Assistance:

  • Paperless or pre-online check-in
  • Restaurant tables and bar stools to be more widely spaced
  • Room service option (if manpower allows)
  • Buffet option replaced with a’ la carte menu
  • Regular sanitization of all major touch point areas
  • Easy reach hand sanitizers available in all public areas
  • Linen and terry towels to washed at 80ºC.
  • EFT or credit card tap to pay option

What about a SPA getaway?

Spa’s can be thought to spread unwanted germs quite easily. However, never discount the option for spa owners to follow strict cleaning protocols and ensuring your health fears are put to rest with proactive measures.

Spa’s may not offer the full treatment menus as seen in the past.
However moving forward, spa therapists will be made to use personal protective equipment, along with following strict cleaning protocols in between treatments.


As we emerge from full lock down and start heading through the levels of openness, we are all learning what life post-Covid will look like. Nevertheless, one thing we will all certainly need is to be out in the open spaces again, taking a break from our four walls and stretching our legs in the wilderness!
Save Tourism, travel to your favourite space! #TravelTomorrow

Lori Voss

1 Comment
  • I am certainly happy to travel again as soon as possible!

    We would also love to welcome guests back to “Copperleigh Trout Cottages”. Our housekeepers are well aware of the Covid-19 situation, and prior to lockdown were doing their utmost best to keep everything in our 2 self catering units as clean as possible, sanitizing surfaces and frequent touch points. They also look forward to returning to work!

    We look forward to the end of the lockdown, so that we can protect our small fragile business too

    1st May 2020 at 5:18 pm Reply

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