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Southern Drakensberg Stories

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Southern Drakensberg Stories

The Southern Drakensberg is for many an adventure capital with the Sani2C, Drak Challenge, Sani Stagger and more taking place annually. And, don’t forget those magical chords strumming at Splashy Fen each Easter!

The area attracts many nationalities for all sorts of fun, but did you know a few of the historical stories about this area?

Himeville – named in 1902 after Sir Albert Henry Hime, Prime Minister of Natal. The town came about in 1893 when the Border Mounted Rifles were sent to police the area. It became a small magisterial and trading centre.

Have you ever wondered how the beautiful row of oak trees came about, between Underberg and Himeville? Story has it, Underberg was not suitable to be the Districts centre due to being overlooked by a hill, so the title moved to Himeville. Naturally competition grew between the two villages and with the railway ending in Underberg, tension increased. Finally in 1970, relations were on the mend and the Lund family donated trees to anyone who would assist planting, as a sign of peace between the two towns.

Whilst on the topic of the Lund family…

Kenmo Lake is quite popular among photographers in Autumn when all the trees turn for the season. This picturesque artificial lake can be found just beyond Himeville, on Hazeldene Farm. Planted by Kenneth and Mona Lund (hence the name Kenmo), two avid tree lovers who planted exotic trees such as Poplar, Oak, Birch, Elderberry and more. The public are welcome to go and visit, there is no charge, and one can enjoy a picnic beside the lake in such a peaceful setting. Ensure you only take photographs and leave it as you found it, litter free.

Image by Dirk Van Zuilekom

Lori Voss

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