Open Garden event raised money for local charities

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Open Garden event raised money for local charities

Harcourts Open Midlands Gardens – Raises R68750 for local charities

In tough economic times NGO’s find it more difficult than most to survive, which makes the efforts of the Harcourts Open Midlands Gardens even more praise worthy. The beauty of these gardens raised an impressive at R68750; the amount shared amongst 22 local charities, individually nominated by the gardeners.


Andrew Line, principal of Harcourts Hilton, and the main sponsor of the event draws inspiration from the Open Midlands Gardens. Line expressed his admiration for the gardeners and confirmed that he “takes pleasure and pride in being involved in this annual event”.

The diversity of NGO’s who received a share of funds is illustrated in the following examples; Pevensey Place who cater for adults with cerebral palsy and mental health issues; C.H.O.C an organisation for children with cancer as well as the Dargle and Balgowan conservancies. Other deserving local charities were made up of schools, hospice, churches, and animal rescue shelters.

PADCA took full advantage of the Great Little Gardens route which showed off 20 splendid examples of smaller gardens. The wonderful visitor support enabled them to raise R21 500. Trevor Clowes, CEO of PADCA, said “It was a great opportunity for us to get out there and talk to people about what we do to champion for and celebrate the elders in our communities. We are blown away by the amount raised and so grateful! Without the support of our communities we cannot do the work we  love to do, take care of our seniors.”

The efforts of the Harcourts Open Midlands Gardens directly benefit even some of the lesser known NGO’s who find it particularly difficult to fund raise.

The aesthetic benefit for the community privileged to enjoy these gardens in their environment is priceless. It is wonderful that a group of gardeners, following their passion directly and indirectly improved the lives of so many others.

To keep up to date with the 2019 season follow the Open Midlands Gardens on Facebook

Lori Voss

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