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More on the Midlands Schools…

The KwaZulu-Natal Midlands certainly offers those who live in its green hills a chance to relax, enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities and experience endless creative inspiration.

Venturing into the area, one will find some of the best schooling institutions in South Africa. We took a look at each of the schools’ history to discover how and why they began?

Treverton College

Treverton College

An independent co-educational boarding school, situated just outside of Mooi River,. The campus sit’s on a 270 hectare of land, provides education for Grade RRR to Grade 12. And for those interested a GAP year curriculum.

The school began as a Boys Prep School in 1939 and in 1978 girls were introduced. The school was due to close in 1957 and be sold. However the then Baptist Union President of South Africa, came to visit the premises. He cherished the idea to run a school based on Baptist principles. And soon engaged his brother, Derek Hudson-Reed, a teacher at St Stithian’s, to come and share in his plans. Thus the school opened again for Prep and High School scholars in 1964 under the headmastership of Derek Hudson-Reed.

Treverton not only offers an excellent education for their students, on campus students have the opportunity to enjoy the equestrian centre, the Treverton Wildlife Area and an internationally recognised environmental education program.



Founded in 1896 in Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg. The school relocated in 1901 to Balgowan. And caters for 560 boys in each of its eight boarding houses.

The school educates boys from Grade 8 to 12, with sport; art & culture, academics; environmental; spiritual and leadership programmes available for all boys to participate in.

The Music, Visual Arts and Dramatic Arts facilities allow for each boy to develop skills that will one day assist in their future careers. From play writing, sound and light production, instrument and voice training, ceramic and painting, along with an array of further options.

You are invited to witness the Music department in action over the Michael House Festival of Music each year. Be on the look out for 2020 dates.

Hilton College

Hilton College opened its doors in 1872, as a private boarding school for boys. Access to the school was either by horseback or wagons. Due to the railway line not yet being constructed between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Since 1872, the school campus and sporting offering has grown. The school offer fifteen sport options and sixteen academic subjects plus various clubs one can participate in.

The boys enjoy the use of the Hilton College Nature Reserve. Here they can discover waterfalls, hiking, cycling trails along with experiencing a range of habitats, bird and tree species.

At Hilton College, boys are encouraged to take full advantages of all the school has to offer, to ensure they leave well equipped to for their future years.

Wartburg Kirchdorf School

Founded in Wartburg. The original two schools were Kirchdorf Private School (founded in 1891) and the Wartburg Private School (founded in 1892). The two schools amalgamated in 1931 to become the Wartburg Kirchdorf School. The community of the area were mainly German settlers, who had arrived in the area in 1848. German is an additional language.

The school offers co-educational education from Pre-Primary level to Grade 12. With a boarding establishment for Grade 6 to Grade 12 learners.

New Hanover Preparatory School

A Grade 1 to Grade 7 Co-educational school. In 1858 New Hanover was founded, with the Rev Schutze, a Pastor and Missionary initially educated the children. Many children struggled with transport and needed to assist on their home farms, so were unable to attend school regularly.
In 1875 an agreement between the parents and the Pastor came into being. Parents could not keep the children away from school without the Pastors permission or else there would be a fine of 5 shillings per day.

The school is an English medium school with German, Zulu and Afrikaans as the additional languages.

Hermannsburg School

In 1856 Hermannsburg School was founded by the first German missionaries that settled in the area. The school was also the first boarding school in Natal. Due to the excellent education on offer, more and more English families sent their children to Hermannsburg. Soon after Hermannsburg employed more English teachers.

Hermannsburg accepts little ones from 18 months in the Kindergarten to Grade 12, in High School. Due to its German heritage, the school offers German as either a Home Language or Additional Language. Plus they run a German Exchange Program for those scholars interested in further developing their German language skill set.

Hermannsburg School
Lori Voss

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