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Members, are you on the N3 Gateway App?

Almost time to tune in to N3 Gateway Radio!

Some of you may be aware of the N3 Gateway Radio app, which has been under discussion/on the drawing board/about to be properly unleashed for more than a year.

Well, thanks to generous sponsorship from N3TC, a beta version of the much improved (free) app is now about to go live, within the next week, in the iOS (Apple) and Android stores.

Developed by the author of The N3 Book, Peter Delmar, this amazing smartphone app features professionally scripted and narrated factual short audio stories which are magically triggered as motorists drive through particular points along the N3, even in the middle of “nowhere”. Even better, N3 Gateway Radio offers users lekker value-added timely information about their trips. And, if they’re racing to get between Durban and Joburg, reasons to consider slowing down, to think about the amazing places they’re rushing past and – maybe – turn off and visit on their return legs.

Some of the cool things you should know about the N3 Gateway Radio app:

  • Information can and will be updated in real time, including traffic updates and weather alerts, special offers, fun stuff and promotions
  • Users can listen to their choice of streaming commercial radio – which means that they receive continuous “signal” beyond the physical limits of broadcast towers. Or they can listen to their own devices’ music, audio or streaming music (the app interrupts the users’ audio when it has something – geo-located – to say
  • The app uses the amazing celebrity voice talents of Ashley Hayden, ProVerb and David O’Sullivan (2018 Liberty Radio Awards breakfast-show presenter of the year)
  • N3 Gateway association members can be a part of, contribute to and benefit from, this exciting new live radio experience
  • The app developers have a six-figure budget for traditional and online/social media promotion of the app – and the Gateway and its members
  • Through Bluetooth, everyone in the car can listen in to a continuous live broadcast, between Gauteng and Durban
  • The app has the potential to lure drivers off the N3, to our members’ locations.

How can you get involved and benefit from N3 Gateway Radio?

  • The developers are working with Elsa Watson (who will be known to many of you) on developing great content. Right now Elsa is compiling free listings of Gateway members for the app. Users will be able to find you on the app’s Map and List functions, connect with you and your website/facebook page etc, even give you a call for a reservation. If you’re keen to be listed, contact Elsa at and she will send you a quick and easy form to fill in, ask you for a couple of great images and quickly get you loaded onto the app
  • For the December holidays, we’re looking for half a dozen great local stories (heritage, geological, natural history, quirky local-interest stuff, whatever) that will appeal to travellers and lure them to your neck of the woods. Peter and his team will script, record and upload the best six or seven great yarns to the app. They will even include audio directions to wherever your story is located. Regardless of how far it is from the N3. Please send an email to Elsa with your best story idea
  • The really big promotion of the app (post beta) will happen at Easter 2019 but we’re preparing for a not-so-soft launch this December and January. We’re looking for great prizes, discounts, giveaways, fun stuff for users that will create a buzz (and an awareness of amazing places on the N3 Gateway. Tell Elsa about your ideas and ask her how you can participate.)

As I write, Peter and his software developers are submitting the latest versions of N3 Gateway Radio to the app stores. We hope these will be cleared for release by this time next week (Wednesday 31 October) but I will send you a very short email when they actually are. So that you can go and experience the Android or Apple apps for yourselves.

Please participate. This is a ground-breaking value-add, made possible by N3TC and the Gateway.

PS: I’m attaching, FYI, a point of interest (POI) N3 Gateway Radio recently produced about the KZN Crane Foundation. Think you’ve got a local story as good – or better? Let us know.



Lori Voss

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