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Mandela Day Vibes on the N3 Gateway

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Mandela Day Vibes on the N3 Gateway

The N3 Gateway covers a vast area; we would have loved to help all the charities along our route on Mandela Day, but with such a great route, a HUGE need and plenty of charities to support, we could only focus on one area. We searched for an area that required community up-liftment and a project that would bring the various demographics of the community together to assist with those who have such a massive need and can’t fend for themselves.

Mooi River was the location for our Mandela Day efforts.

A tribe of people met at The Woza Woza Centre, in Mooi River at 9am, grabbed a hot chocolate and headed to the Mooi River Taxi Rank where the Mpofana Mayor and his team of councillors came to assist with the litter clean up of the Taxi Rank.

After 40 minutes of clean up and a donut treat, the crew moved into Bruntville, Mooi River township, where a vegetable garden was planted, litter bagged and taken to the dump plus interior painting of the building. Bringing new life and exciting energy to the Thomlimpilo Clinic building which houses the Disabled Centre!

Along with planting, cleaning and painting the air was abuzz with singing, dancing, photographs and plenty conversation during the course of the day. That’s right 67 minutes was too short for the work required.

A massive ‘High 5’ goes to Weston College, who provided seeds; seedlings; paint; the treats and gardening equipment, and for organising this event. Thank you to The Bistro at the Woza Woza Centre for the early morning hot chocolate, defrosting the crowd’s fingers from 6 degree temperatures. And thank you to the Mpofana Municipality for the black litter bags, gloves and CWP.

The story doesn’t end here for the Disabled Centre. The Weston Agri-Skills Post Matric class will be visiting the clinic every second week to provide assistance and transfer of skills. Fresh wholesome veggies will be ready for picking in the Spring.

The centre requires:

*Children toys
*Children clothing – aged 4 years to 13 years
*Tree’s for shade.

If you would like to come and visit or donate items to the Disabled Centre; you are more than welcome to make contact with Lori on who can assist you further.

67 minutes is not restricted to the 18th of July, find a need in your community and lend a hand.


Lori Voss

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