The Khaki Tour

The duration of this facilitated tour is from 08h00 to 17h30.  Starting from Dundee you will visit Talana Museum, battlefield and heritage site and the Elandslaagte battlefield site.

Accompanied by experienced and knowledgeable guides from Dundee visit Talana Museum and battlefield on the outskirts of Dundee. Feel the atmosphere and experience history come alive as you follow your guide in the footsteps of the British soldiers across this blood-drenched battlefield and up the walking trail on Talana hill.

The battle of Talana was the first battle of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) and the battlefield, hill and British soldiers’ cemetery are all part of the heritage site.

The museum situated at the base of Talana hill has 27 buildings with a number of different exhibits ranging from the battle of Talana and the Anglo-Boer War, Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, the early San inhabitants of the area and their rock art, the national coal mining museum, a magnificent glass gallery and a bead gallery. Smith Cottage was the home of one of the founders of the town, Peter Smith, and the museum is on his original farm.

Exhibits on the Great War (1914 -1918) and Dundee and South Africa’s involvement, the 1913 Passive Resistance Movement, agriculture, a superb clothing collection and evocative Zulu cultural village, as well as the Smith family, pioneer and military cemetery are some of the experiences of this unique and fascinating museum.

After lunch in the 1912 Miner’s Rest Restaurant, travel to Elandslaagte – the second battlefield of the Anglo-Boer War.

Just some of the interesting facts about these two battlefields that you will hear is that they were the only ones in which the British soldiers wore flashes on their helmets. As the coloured flash became a target for Boer sharpshooters they were removed, as were the metal officers insignia (which reflected in the sun and made officers a target).

At Elandslaagte, the Scottish troops covered their sporrans with khaki cloth to prevent them reflecting the sunlight and becoming a target for the Boers.

Stand on the hills at Elandslaagte and look out over the battlefield and allow your imagination to recreate the tremendous late afternoon storm, lightning, thunder, British troops attacking the hills, the Boer retreat and the charge of the British lancers into the ranks of the retreating Boers.

Tales and local stories related to these sites bring them alive as never before!

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Talana Museum, Victoria St, Dundee, Endumeni Municipality, South Africa

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