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Serene Spioenkop Reserve

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Spioenkop Nature Reserve, Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Call us anytime Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife-Spioenkop 036 4881578
Core Activity:Boating, fishing, heritage (Battlefields). Type:Self-drive Duration:Two Days (day visits optional) Budget:Gate entrance: R20 per person Accommodation: There are 30 camp/caravan sites at the reserve that permit a maximum of six people per site. For tariffs visit: Daily average spend: +- R2000 When to Go:Boating as the main activity at Spioenkop is not recommended between August and October. Enjoy the wonderful scenery in winter when the Spioenkop mountains are adorned with snow (snowfall can affect access to the Reserve). Itinerary Rating:The activities that are available at Spioenkop require individuals to have an average fitness and general knowledge of that specific activity. Other:Spioenkop Nature Game Reserve is located in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal 35km from Ladysmith and 14km from Winterton. Guests are encouraged to visit the Ladysmith Museum or they can drive to the Spioenkop Battlefields, which is within close proximity to the reserve. The Spioenkop battlefields site is steeped in history of Kwa-Zulu Natal Anglo Boer War. For more information a booklet can be purchased from the Spioenkop curio shop. The walks at Spioenkop enable guests to walk amongst the animals: rhino; eland; giraffe; and various antelope. Precautionary advice is given to guests before they can go on walks. Points Of Interest:The Drakensberg region provides guests with several activity-based experiences.Places to eat around Spioenkop :1. Sanford Park Country Hotel situated in Bergville, Northern Drakensberg is 15.4km from the Reserve. Contact: 036 448 1001, Bingelela Restaurant is located 15.5km from the Reserve and is one of the few restaurants that offers la Table d’hôte as well as a la carte menus. Contact 036 448 1336 , The Nest Hotel Restaurant in the Winterton region is a mere 16.1km away and offers cuisine a la Table d’hôte and boasts traditional ambiance. Contact: 036 4681068 ,

A two-day experience at Spioenkop includes horse riding, boating, walking and game viewing. The reserve is within close proximity to the Spioenkop Battlefields site.

Day 1: Upon arrival at Spioenkop guests can enjoy a walk or a horse ride (open 08:h00 -14:h00 – minimum age 12 years) at the reserve in which they can view the animals. Thereafter lunch can be enjoyed at the campsite. To end the day a family can take a boat ride on the Spioenkop Dam. Please note that all boats must be registered with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and no boats are available for hire.

Day 2: The second day can be spent ‘consuming’ the cultural heritage of the area. 35km away is the Ladysmith Museum and here one can learn more about the Ladysmith Siege history and the Battle of Spioenkop. The Museum is open from 11:h00-16:h00 (Tuesday-Saturday), the Museum also opens on Mondays and public holidays, for further information call: 036 637 2231. Also close to Spioenkop Reserve is the Battle of Spioenkop site which took place on the 23rd and 24th of January 1900 and it is known as the bloodiest battle that took place in the War.

Spioenkop Nature Reserve, Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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