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Rock Art Tour in Dundee

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Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Core Activity:Heritage Type:Facilitated Duration:Half-day or full-day Budget:Full day R490 per person (minimum four people) Half day R350 per person (minimum four people) Fully inclusive – guides fees, transport, picnic lunch. If there are fewer than four people, negotiate the rate with the guide. When to Go:Any time of the year. Itinerary Rating:Moderate. Other:No experience needed and all you really need is to bring active wear. Depending on the length of your outing, catering arrangements will be made. Other Activities:Includes cannibal sites and history. Also birding along the way. Points Of Interest:The rock art in the Dundee area can be up to 4 500 years old.

A half-day or full day excursion visiting rock art sites in the Dundee region

This tour may be done as either a full-day or half-day. Naturally in a half-day you will see fewer sites.

Visit rock art sites in the Dundee/Rorke’s Drift area. These sites are considerably older than sites in the Drakensberg.

Your guide will explain the symbolism of rock art, the daily life and culture of the San/Bushman in this area.

This could also include cannibal sites if you indicate to the guide you would like to incorporate this.

Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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