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River, Rock and Mountain

N3 Gateway / River, Rock and Mountain
Harrismith, Free State, South Africa
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Core Activity:Combination of White Water Paddling, Abseiling, Rock Climbing and Mountain Walking (Hiking) Type:Facilitated Duration:4 days Budget:R2000 to R5000 per person, depending on method of travel, accommodation type (camping vs. hotels) and duration of outing (e.g. you might chose to climb three days instead of only one day). When to Go:Best during high summer (October-March). Winter months (April-September) are also suitable, but will not include river activities as it falls in the off-season period. Itinerary Rating:Moderate. Children younger than eight years old will not be permitted to take part in white water activities. Other:No experience required – simply bring along bring active wear. Since it is a mountainous environment, always bring cold weather gear. We can make catering arrangements depending on the length of your outing. No off road vehicles are needed. Depending on your choice of accommodation, we are able to recommend and coordinate your travel and accommodation arrangements. Other Activities:Mountain Biking, Facilitated Field and Historic walks, Horse Riding and Canopy Tours Points Of Interest:Day 1: Sterkfontein Dam, Oliviershoek Pass, Kerkenberg, Kaalvoetvrou Monument, Verkykerskop, Hound and Hare Pub, Tugela/Vaal Pump scheme. Day 2: Tower of Pizza, Royal Natal National Park, Battle of Spioenkop, Spioenkop Nature Reserve, Bingelela B&B Restaurant. Days 3 and 4: Didima Hotel, Cathedral Peak Hotel, Drakensberg Mountains

This four-day outing consists of an activity-filled outdoors package in the picturesque Drakensberg region, spending time on the river, rock and mountains. One option is to start on the crags around Harrismith and then make your way down the escarpment towards the Tugela River and the Central Drakensberg. You can also arrange these activities in any way you like, according to your preferences.

Day 1 – Rock Climb:
The meeting point is usually in the area of Harrismith or Van Reenen where the main climbing areas are situated. You can choose to either climb at Swinburne or Eagle Mountain, or even both. Camp or stay in chalets with very well maintained facilities. Climbing is mostly sport climbing and grading/difficulty ranges from complete novice to expert. All equipment and guiding included. Opt to spend more than one day here or a day at each crag.

Day 2 – White water Rafting:
From Harrismith, take the N3 Toll Route and make your way down Van Reenen’s Pass. Proceed to Tugela Rapids Lodge next to the Tugela River, which will be your rustic yet comfortable base for the rafting session. Experience the thrill of running rapids ranging up to Class 3+. No experience needed for this fun, challenging experience in the water! Your accommodation at Tugela Rapids Lodge, equipment, guiding, a light lunch and transport are all included.

Day 3 – Abseil Cathedral Peak:
Make your way to Cathedral Peak in the beautiful Central Drakensberg. This abseil outing, which takes approximately a half day, is a fantastic way to see a picturesque area of the ‘Drakensberg. The abseil is safe and quick to set up with a height of 45m. No experience is required!

DAY 4 – Rainbow Gorge Walk:
This is a well-known popular route in the Cathedral Peak area of the Drakensberg. The walk consists of a three- to four-hour round trip through a very pretty indigenous forest. You will spend almost half the time crossing rivers and boulder hopping. The highlights of the walk entail walking underneath a huge boulder trapped between cliffs on opposing sides climbing a chain ladder up a waterfall. If you prefer, you can replace this one-day hike with any other hike of the same duration.

Harrismith, Free State, South Africa

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