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Rafting and Hiking at Hella Hella

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Hella Hella Outdoor Centre, Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Core Activity:White Water Rafting Type:Facilitated Rafting. Self-guided or facilitated Hiking Duration:2½ days Budget:R500 per person for 12km rafting trip, inclusive of snacks and drinks. Optional – R150 per person for facilitated trail or R100 per person for groups consisting of more than ten. R50 access fee per person to enter protected area on day three.Accommodation at Hella Hella: R120 per person per night in backpackers’ accommodation that sleeps 16 across three rooms. R170 for cottage that sleeps six across three twin rooms. R170 per person for double backpackers’ room with en-suite bathroom.Meals at Hella Hella: Optional – R70 per meal for groups smaller than ten and R65 per meal for groups bigger than ten. Menu available on request. When to Go:Rafting possible during summer (October to April). While hiking is more suitable during the winter months (April to October), it can be done year-round. Itinerary Rating:Moderate. Children younger than 13 years of age are not permitted to participate in white water activities. Other:No experience needed – all you need is to bring active wear. If you have abundant energy, bring your mountain bike and fishing rods. Other Activities:Mountain biking and trails of various distances are available. Tackle the 6km Hella Hella pass at a 9% gradient if you’re looking for great views and a considerable challenge. ‘Foefie’ slide, swim and cliff jump into the Umkomaas River. Fishing Points Of Interest:With approximately 140 species of indigenous trees at Hella Hella, birders and nature enthusiasts will love the huge variety of flora and fauna.Prior to the construction of the existing R56 road, this remote site was important as it was the main road linking Natal to the Cape and the ruins of the pont crossing point over the river are still evident. The main dining area of Hella Hella has been converted using the original materials from the old trading store that was in operation from 1914 to the mid 1980’s. The original turbine wheel that provides hydro-electric power can also still be seen.

A flexible two- and a half- day rafting and hiking package, depending on season, river levels and client needs. Comfortable accommodation and optional meals available at Hella Hella. A scenic setting guaranteed to impress all outdoor enthusiasts.

Day 1 – White Water Rafting:
As your base, Hella Hella is situated 90-100 minutes from Durban and an hour from Pietermaritzburg. A 15-minute bakkie ride takes you to your drop-off point and the start of a 12km journey down the legendary Umkomaas River. After a 6km trip, you return to Hella Hella for snacks and drinks. A ‘foefie’ slide and cliff jump are available for the more adventurous. Proceed on to bigger water, where you will be entering class 3/4 territory if the river is running high. After your adrenaline-charged white water experience, you return by bakkie to your overnight accommodation at Hella Hella.The package includes all equipment and facilitation.

Day 2 – Hike:
Various trails about 12kms long and approximately four and a half hours in duration are available depending on river levels. All the hikes are fully mapped and you can opt to go on your own or be facilitated. Enjoy numerous swimming opportunities as you walk along the valley floor and some unforgettable views as you climb away from the river on your return loop to Hella Hella. Depending on group size, lunch can be provided at a picnic site at the halfway point of your trail.

Day 3 (Half day):
Enjoy a scenic 6km drive up the Hella Hella pass before turning off the main road onto the plateau grassland. Park your car within the secure fenced area, then walk the remaining 1.5kms to the lookout point. Here, you will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the Drakensberg and see a variety of game on the mountain and grasslands such as Eland, Black Wildebeest, Oribi, Natal Springbok and Blesbuck. You can also drive this route if your car has reasonable ground clearance.

Hella Hella Outdoor Centre, Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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