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Pony Rides and more in the Maluti Mountains

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Pony Rides and more in the Maluti Mountains

Mokhotlong Hotel, Mokhotlong, Lesotho
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Core Activity:Horse Riding, Hiking, River Walking, Basotho Cultural Experiences, multi day Pony Excursions. Type:Facilitated Duration:Two to five days Budget:R150 to R350 per person for individual activities. Multi day (four to five days) excursions range from R5 750 to R7 510 per person.Accommodation at Mokhotlong Hotel is from R335 per person or R670 per room per night. When to Go:Best during high summer (October to March). Winter months (April to September) are also suitable but multi day excursions will not be included. Itinerary Rating:Moderate. Children younger than twelve years of age will not be permitted to take part in multi day excursions. Other:No experience needed and all you really need is to bring active wear. Since it is mountainous environment always bring cold weather gear. Depending on the length of your outing, catering arrangements will be made. Off-road vehicles are not necessary and a vehicle with good ground clearance will do. Depending on your choice of accommodation, we will recommend and coordinate travel and accommodation arrangements. Other Activities:Sani Pass 4x4 route (4x4 vehicles only), skiing at a nearby establishment and plenty more. Points Of Interest:Thabana Ntlenyana Sani Pass 4x4 route Soloane Hot Springs Mokhotlong River Valley

A five day experience with Mokhotlong Hotel in Lesotho, including pony rides, river walking, picnics, hiking and cultural experiences.

Day 1 – Pony Ride: The viewing spot is on the furthermost point of a vast outcrop, with a dramatic drop into the valley below. Up here a single moment seems to go on forever. You can enjoy a quiet picnic with your favourite bottle of wine or just enjoy the moment in this truly untouched piece of heaven. Arrangements can be made through Mokhotlong Hotel.

Day 2 – Hiking: Thabana Ntlenyana is about 25 kilometres east of Mokhotlong (as the crow flies) and is the highest peak in Southern Africa, standing at 3482m above sea level. A round trip hike to Thabana Ntlenyana can take a full day. We offer a range of Thabana Ntlenyana hiking experiences which can be tailored to suit your needs. Packages include accommodation, guides (by prior arrangement), a light lunch and transport.

Day 3 – River Walking: The Mokhotlong river snakes its way around the small town of Mokhotlong. In the summer months there are plenty of rock pools to enjoy. Its an easy 30 to 45 minute walk to the banks of the river and back along a quiet trail.

Day 4 – Cultural Experiences: There are a variety of day-oriented Basotho cultural activities that take place throughout the year. One can soak up the Basotho culture in one of the villages surrounding Mokhotlong in an experience filled with singing, dancing, traditional food and drink.

Day 5 – Pony Trek (Four to Five days): Extend your stay with a four to five day guided pony trek to iconic tourism destinations in Lesotho. Choose from a Five 5 day Pony Trek to the breathtaking Lethuela Falls (known as Tugela Falls in South Africa) or a Five Day Pony Trek right to the edge of Giants Castle!

Mokhotlong Hotel, Mokhotlong, Lesotho

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