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Old Balgowan Winery and Cheesery

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Old Balgowan Winery and Cheesery

Old Balgowan Farm, Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Call us anytime +27 (0)33 234 4796 / +27 (0)33 234 4992
Outdoor Seating Building Level:1st Floor Number of Tables:0

Old Balgowan Winery makes a wide variety of sherries, honey meads, fruit wines, flavoured vodkas and liqueurs. The Fruition fruit wines were started by a housewife with a passion for creating new and interesting things in her kitchen. Today, they are still made in the same traditional way,with the use of real fruits rather than a flavoured essence. The fermentation process happens in glass jars much like traditional wines although ours are sulphite and preservative free. Our sherries are made with same care and use traditional methods to ensure a unique product of quality. The most interesting of the products made at our winery is the Honey Mead. It is an ancient drink in which the word “honeymoon” has its roots. The groom would have to drink mead made by his new father-in-law for a lunar cycle in order to increase fertility, thus the modern word “honeymoon”. Old Balgowan Cheesery also produces and stocks local cheeses that can be paired perfectly with our winery products. For a delightfully tasty trip to the Midlands visit Old Balgowan Winery and Cheesery.

Old Balgowan Farm, Howick, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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