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Khanti Bushman Painting Hike

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Core Activity:Heritage / Bushman Paintings / Hiking Type:Facilitated Duration:Six hours Budget:R300/per person (depending on numbers), which includes the entrance ticket for the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park.Accommodation at Cedar Garden B&B and Self-catering ( or +27 (0) 83 648 4111) When to Go:Year- round, although storms may pose a problem during summer. Itinerary Rating:Moderate to good fitness required. Other:Be sure to bring hiking shoes, sun block, a small backpack with packed lunch, and warm clothing. As Stuart McLean spends most of his time in the mountains out of cell phone range, please leave a message on the contact number below. Other Activities:Also of interest are the birds, while botanical enthusiasts will enjoy the great variety of plants growing in the area. Points Of Interest:Sani Pass has a history of its own, and for those who love mountains, breathtaking views, endemic birds, numerous flowering plant species and weather for all seasons are sure to delight!

A six-hour hike with renowned birding expert Stuart McLean to the Khanti Bushman paintings in the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park near Himeville and Sani Pass.

This hike to ‘The Marching Men’ paintings takes you on a moderate to steep climb of 300m over
7km into the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, where you can expect to hike for about three hours. Breathtaking views, small streams, grasslands, Eland herds, Mountain Reedbuck and Baboons make this a rewarding hike to the overhang with its spectacular panel of Bushman paintings.

The panel comprises a collection of polychrome Eland images and numerous human figures, as well as a few other animals mostly in monochrome. While red oxide pigment dominates, a few charcoal figures are also present.

The large number of male human figures has given rise to the name ‘The Marching Men’. The reason for such an accumulation of men has led to various theories about its meaning, from migrations to spiritual gatherings. With research largely narrowing the direction of thought, most of the paintings tend to reflect the Bushman’s spiritual realm in some form.

After enjoying lunch and a two-hour hike downhill, the brave hearted can jump the 30m waterfall at the Sani Pass Hotel before returning to the car park.

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