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Horse Riding in the Midlands Meander

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Horse Riding in the Midlands Meander

Midlands Meander Association Office, R103, Howick, South Africa
Call us anytime 033 330 8195
Core Activity:Horse Riding Type:Self-drive Duration:One Day Horse riding trail trips When to Go:Horse riding in the Midlands Meander can be enjoyed all year around. Itinerary Rating:Low to moderate intensity horse trails.

Low to moderate horse riding trails for guests. Day trails offered but one can also enjoy a weekend of riding and book into accommodation options provided.

While there are day itineraries available for horse-riding visitors to the Meander, the best way to experience the Meander is to embrace the slower pace of its environment and take a long weekend to enjoy the experience. Some Midlands Meander members offer unique riding opportunities to guests staying at their accommodation – a wonderful opportunity to enjoy top class hospitality and cuisine.

One day horse trail trips are available at the following establishments:

Kleinberg Wines at Kleinbosch Estate is nestled in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands in the picturesque Mount West region near Nottingham Road. It offers horse riding with an experienced guide – explore farmland and natural bush and four dams. Horse and tack are provided. Riders are required to sign an indemnity form. Booking is essential. (033 266 6170) – S29° 17′ 25.9″. . . E30° 03′ 26.6″.

Bergtrails offers trails through breathtaking landscape, varying from mountain to forest, farm lands to game areas. No riding experience is needed, as they have horses that cater for everyone! Bookings are essential. The trails are guided by our experienced staff. (033 267 7227) – S29° 18′ 59.1″. . . E29° 43′ 20.0″.

Zulu Waters Game Reserve  offer horse trail safaris. Ride among an incredible array of game including two of the Big Five. Experienced guides and well trained Appaloosas and Paints. Picnic lunches available on request. Bookings are essential. (036 352 0100) – S29° 06′ 13.6″ E29° 48′ 14.5″ .

Antbear Guest House offers horse trails through a private game reserve. Booking essential. (036 352 3143) – S29° 08′ 02.1″. . . E29° 48′ 15.9″.

Inversanda Farm Cottages offer horse riding trails available for residents only:

Inversanda Farm Cottages (087 640 0044) – S29° 32′ 03.6″. E30° 03′ 13.1″.

Midlands Meander Association Office, R103, Howick, South Africa

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