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Hill Billy Cottages

N3 Gateway / Hill Billy Cottages
R600, Winterton, South Africa
Call us anytime +27 (0)36 468 1502
Twin Beds SA Tourism Grading:No Grading Available

“Hill Billy” Cottages are situated on a working farm in the Champagne Valley. There are a flock of sheep and the family business is providing hotels with fresh produce.

Between 15h30 and 16h00, one can buy fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese and chickens directly from our cold-rooms and on a Friday, extra thick cream is also available.

The property driveway is lined with pecan nut trees and the Champagne mountain range provides an exquisite and dramatic backdrop to the cottages.

There is a swimming pool and Webers available for braaing.

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R600, Winterton, South Africa

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