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Hiking and Fishing at the Buffalo’s Hotel in Lesotho

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Hiking and Fishing at the Buffalo’s Hotel in Lesotho

Buffalo's Hotel, Thaba-Tseka, Lesotho
Call us anytime The Buffalo’s Hotel +266 5080 4386/ 2700 7339 +266 5844 8362/ 5800 0298
Core Activity:Hiking, fishing, horse riding and Katse Dam Tour Type:Facilitated Duration:3 days Budget:Accommodation: Single bed R500 Double bed R550 Twin beds R700 When to Go:All year-round. Snow is usually visible from June to August, although it is unpredictable. Itinerary Rating:Moderate. Activities are suitable for children from 8 years to seniors. Other:Since it’s a mountainous environment, always bring cold weather gear. We have a child care facility. Our rooms have en suite bathrooms. We have a buffet or ala carte menu for all meals. We also have a bar for our guests to relax in. Other Activities:Mountain biking- please bring your own bike. Rides are not facilitated. Points Of Interest:Snow in winter The Maluti Drakensberg Mountains

A three-day outing in Lesotho. Enjoy the river, horse riding, fishing, hiking and Katse Dam Tour in this mountainous kingdom. Spend as many days as you want.

Day 1 – Ride horses to the river for fishing:  The river is about 15km from our establishment.  Please bring your own fishing rod. We offer snacks for lunch.

Day 2 – Take a trip to Bokong for Katse Dam Tour: You can have lunch there or we can prepare snack for you to have there.

Day 3 – Enjoy the hiking trail in our vicinity: We are situated in the village, where you can hike to see the way Basotho way of life. And have Basotho food prepared by villagers in their home, facilitated by our guide. Enjoy traditional dance back at the hotel after hiking.

Buffalo's Hotel, Thaba-Tseka, Lesotho

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