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In the beautiful town of Clarens, you will find Highland Coffee Roastery. Established in 2009, Highland Coffee Roastery roasts and serves the best coffees from around the world in a relaxed setting. Besides the prepared coffees, you can soak in the spectacular view of Mt Horeb and the Malutis.

Highland Coffee Signature Blends

Espresso Blend

A blend of four origins – Brazil Barbosa Gold, Tanzania AA, Colombia Popoyan and Guatemala Finca El Morito.  A roasted medium to dark.

The resulting flavour is complex, full-bodied and rich with an irresistible aroma and chocolaty taste experience. Think dark chocolate covered orange peel candies…

In fact this is great for any preparation method. But especially suited for espresso based drinks where the addition of milk highlights the chocolaty aftertaste.

Mountain Blend

A blend of three medium roasted origins – Tanzania AA, Colombia Popoyan as well as Guatemala Finca El Morito.

The Mountain Blend offers a well-balanced acidity and sweetness. Therefore, giving a medium strength, bright and refreshing taste experience.

Consequently, a popular choice and suitable for any method of preparation hot or cold. Good in a filter or French press.

Understandably we call it our Crowd Pleaser ^_^



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On The Square, Cnr Van Zyl & Market St East, Clarens

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