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Half-day Spion Kop Battlefield Tour

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Half-day Spion Kop Battlefield Tour

Spionkop Lodge, Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Core Activity:Battlefield Tour and Walk Type:Facilitated Duration:Four hours Budget:R690 pp. for individual activity. When to Go:All year-round. Itinerary Rating:Excellent for persons interested in South African or British History. Suitable for all guests, including wheelchairs, but not for young children. Physical fitness is not a requirement. Other:No historical background or knowledge is required. The tour is so interesting and insightful that it will ignite a flame encouraging you to find out more!. All you need to bring are comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen and a windbreaker, depending on the weather. Other Activities:Boat Cruises, Game Drives, Canopy Tour, Battlefield tours and Horse Riding in the Nature Reserve, etc. Points Of Interest:Spioenkop Nature Reserve, Mount Alice, Spioenkop Battlefield, Spioenkop Dam, Horse Riding, Winterton Museum, Ladysmith Museum, Churchill Capture Sight, Colenso and Ladysmith.

Four-hour Tour of the Battlefield.
Relive the memories and walk in the footsteps of three great leaders, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Gen. Louis Botha. Discover a story in history on which the sun never sets.

Meet at Spion Kop Lodge for the Spion Kop Battlefield Tour

The Battle of Spion Kop
War: The South African Anglo-Boer War.
Date: 24 January 1900
Place: On the Tugela River in Northern Natal, South Africa.
Combatants: The British against the Boers.
Generals: General Sir Redvers Buller against General Botha

Depart from Spion Kop Lodge. This farm where the Lodge is located, was seconded by the Commander-in-Chief of the British forces, Sir Redvers Buller, for his headquarters, referred to as ‘Spearman’s’ in the history books. The headquarters, known as Mount Alice, overlooked the famous or infamous Spion Kop Battlefield. The British troops camped on the farm for several days prior to the Battle. Among them was a young 23-year old journalist known as Winston Churchill.
When Britain marched into the South African war in the spring of 1899, it was confident that it ‘would all be over by Christmas!’ However, the war lasted three years and was to become the most costly one Britain had ever waged.
The British suffered heavy losses in an effort to relieve the beleaguered town of Ladysmith, where their forces were besieged by Boer Commandos for 118 days.

Today, this active working farm is a 703-hectare eco-reserve, with some 270 bird species and an abundance of antelope and indigenous bush. In June and July, the mass of beautiful flowering Aloes are sure to leave you breathless.

Spion Kop was the site of the most futile and probably bloodiest battle of the Anglo-Boer War, fought on 24 January 1900. During your tour, you will be accompanied by Anglo-Boer raconteur Raymond Heron and Alastair Heron. They paint a vivid picture of the personal trauma and military mindset that resulted in the slaughter of so many British and Boer soldiers. Astoundingly, there were three men on Spion Kop that day – Gen. Louis Botha, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi – who each later influenced the course of world history.

Spionkop Lodge, Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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