Dundee Birding Tour

A half-day guided birding trip in the Dundee area with Paul Garner. Talana Museum or Mpati Hill, the Oaks Dam and possibly Cotswold.

This is a half-day guided birding trip in the Dundee area with Paul Garner. A morning tour includes Talana Museum or Mpati Hill, the Oaks Dam and possibly Cotswold.

The Dundee area is renowned for Battlefields sites but also boasts an exquisite landscape and  brags of many bird species, these include:

On grounds and at dams:

Fiery-necked Nightjar, Black Stork, Lanner Falcon, Black Sparrowhawk, Black Cuckoo, Jacobin Cuckoo, South African Cliff Swallow, Barn Owl, Black Crow, African Cuckoo, Greater Honeyguide, Levaillant’s Cisticola, Black-crowned Tchagra, White Stork, Cape Crow, Lazy Cisticola, Common Sandpiper, Wing-snapping Cisticola, African Stonechat, Grey Crowned Crane, Buff-streaked Chat, White-bellied Sunbird, Yellow-crowned Bishop, Southern Red Bishop, Malachite Sunbird, Brown-throated Martin, Pied Starling, Tawny-flanked Prinia, Rock Bunting, Acacia Pied Barbet, Chestnut-vented Tit-Babler, Black Saw-wing Swallow, African Yellowthroated Sparrow, Banded Martin, Dusky Flycatche,r Red-faced Mousebird, Karoo Thrush, Fan-tailed Widowbird, Three-banded Plove,r Cape Longclaw, Secretarybird, Grey Heron, African Spoonbill, Common Moorhen, Sacred Ibis, Natal Francolin, Reed Cormorant, Swainson’s Francolin, Shelley’s Francolin, Red-knobbed Coot, African Black Duck, Yellow-billed Duck, Egyptian Goose, Spur-winged Goose.

Around the buildings:

Alpine Swift, Little Swift, Black-headed Heron, Spotted Eagle Owl, Diederik Cuckoo, Red-chested Cuckoo, Black-headed Oriol,e Lesser Striped Swallow, European Swallow, Greater Striped Swallow, Hamerkop, Black-shouldered Kite, Brubru Bokmakierie, Gymnogene, Pin-tailed Whydah, Common (Indian) Myna, Common Waxbill, Red-billed Quelea, Bronze Mannikin, Southern Black Tit, Yellow-billed Kite, African Paradise Flycatcher, Blackeyed Bulbul, Fiscal Flycatcher, Speckled Mousebird, Bearded Woodpecker, Cardinal Woodpecker, Golden-tailed Woodpecker, Fork-tailed Drongo, Cape Weaver, Southern Masked Weaver, Long-tailed Widowbird, Streaky-headed Canary, Cape Canary, Yelloweyed Canary, Cape White-eye, African Black Sunbird, Helmeted Guineafowl, Fiscal Shrike, Neddicky House Sparrow, Cape Sparrow, Southern Grey-headed Sparrow, Village Weaver, African Hoopoe, Greater Double-collared Sunbird, Blacksmith Plover, Crowned Plover, Southern Bald, Ibis Hadeda, Ibis, Cape Wagtail, Chinspot, Batis, Black-collared Barbet, Crested Barbet, Feral Pigeon, Rock Pigeon, Golden-breasted Bunting, Rufus-naped Lark, Black-winged Lapwing, Southern Boubou, Cape Glossy Starling, Red-winged Starling, Groundscraper Thrush, Steppe Buzzard, Pied Crow, Familiar Chat, Kurrichane Thrush, Mocking Chat, Jackal Buzzard, Cape Robin, Arrow-marked Babbler, Cattle Egret, Laughing Dove, Red-eyed Dove, Cape Turtle Dove.

Above list was compiled  by: Norman Leveridge

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Talana Museum or Mpati Hill, the Oaks Dam and possibly Cotswold.

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