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Cultural Experience at Ka Pitseng

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Culture, heritage, horseback riding, hiking and crafts Teyateyaneng, Berea, Lesotho
Core Activity:Culture, heritage, horseback riding, hiking and crafts Type:Self-drive Duration:3 - 4 Days Budget:R50 – R500 per person for individual activities Accommodation at Ka Pitseng Guest House: R340 per person sharing to R500 per person When to Go:All year-round but the visit to Katse Dam on day two may be difficult during snowfall in winter. Itinerary Rating:Good and suitable for the whole family Other:No experience needed. It is mountainous and all you need is warm clothes. We have a well-stocked restaurant and bar, so no need to bring food. Conference facilities are available. Other Activities:Cultural Heritage, Village, Bushmen Paintings, Heritage Mountain Tour, Highest Water Dam, Biking, Hiking, Walking, Weaving. Chieftainship experience and political foundation history. Points Of Interest:Malimong (carnival) cave and bushman paintings

Three day experience at Ka Pitseng in Lesotho includes horse riding, walking, hiking and a visit to ‘Kome’ Cultural Heritage Site and Thaba Bosiu.

Day 1 – Hiking and Walking: Enjoy moderate walking or hiking while exploring five small scale mohair weaving factories. Hiking on the Le khoaba Lea Bua (The Crow is Talking) plateau and a walk to a nearby town.

Day 2 – Katse Dam Tour and Boating: Take a drive through mountainous terrain with spectacular scenery and nature to a dam built between mountains for fishing and boat ride.

Day 3 – Cultural Heritage Tour: Drive to Kome Cave House and experience Basotho culture and horseback riding. Alternatively visit Thaba Bosiu (Mountain at Night) Heritage Mountain and cultural village to experience the rich history of the Basotho and Basotho culture.

Teyateyaneng, Berea, Lesotho

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