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N3 Gateway / AVANI Lesotho Hotel & Casino – (Tour operator)

En-route to Malealea, the tourist will pass through The Royal Palace museum and see pictures of and lineage of our great Kings, as well as Morija Museum where they will see dinosaurs and dinosaur foot-prints, and the old missionaries’ graves.

Horse rides at Malealea can be done all year round. The tourist just needs to put on a suitable gear that will accommodate the weather.

Pack good grip shoes (no heels for ladies), sunscreen, a sun hat (summer)/woollen hat (winter). A 4*4 is more advisable to go with as sometimes the road drastically erodes the paths. Call Malealea’s Manager, Glenn, on 53230295, or visit their website on www.malealealodge.com.

Supported/Facilitated:  2 day horse ride tour in Malealea:

Day 1: From AVANI Lesotho, a bus, whose driver will be a qualified Tour Guide shall await the tourist at the hotel main entrance. Then travel for about 50 minutes to the Royal Palace in Matsieng, and then off to the Morija Museum in Morija, and even have lunch there. The bus will then later head to Malealea Lodge where dinner and accommodation will be provided.

Day 2: Breakfast will be served at Malealea Lodge and soon after it, site guides at Malealea Lodge will take the tourists on a horse ride and enjoy lunch at the lodge on return. A late check out can be arranged on request, and the tourist will head back to the hotel for dinner and accommodation and leave the next morning after breakfast.

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+266 63782020

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GPS Coordinates: 29.3186° S, 27.4888° E




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