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Glass bottled milk happiness

Situated along the N3 Toll Route, one can find the small quaint, however booming village, of Hilton, in kwaZulu-Natal.  And it is here that I found my milk in a glass jar.

I was recently invited to join my local “Cream Club”, what a win! If you haven’t found one, ask around until you get to join this soul-enriching experience!

Remember the “olden days” when milk was delivered by the milkman to your doorstep in a glass bottle? No plastic to fill up the sea or landfill site! It was glorious, one never ran out as it was always there (provided you left your coupon on top).

Recently, my husband and I have been chatting a lot about how marvellous it would be for the environment if there was a system in place that would allow you to go to your local shop and fill up your glass milk bottles. We do drop off our plastic bottles for recycling although I can’t help but think of the amount of water, energy and money that goes into creating a single-use plastic bottle.

It was such a Eureka moment when I discovered that my childhood memory does exist in our local village!

Cream, milk, butter and eggs for sale. Eggs come in a lovely wooden woven basket to take home, milk in the nostalgic glass bottle, cream in either 200ml or 500ml glass jars and 250g of butter individually wrapped in wax paper twisted on both ends, I can only imagine this is how the Queen’s butter is kept in her fridge.

Upon arrival to collect my first purchase, I was invited to join the charismatic “Cream Club” members for a cup of hot coffee with fresh cream and a crispy piece of toast topped with creamy farm butter and raw honey! Of course, all those seated around the table were women and did what do we do best, crack open a conversation and continue for an hour or two till we realize we better get going as we had other chores to get through before the school pick up!

I am so excited about my “Cream Club” find, not only do I get fresh farm milk and butter, I also get my twice a weekly dose of female banter which allows me to go home feeling counselled, educated on the happenings of the town and relieved my kids are considered normal in their current tween phase! Plus my environmental impact woes are put to rest, as at my next ‘Cream Club’ meeting, I will return my clean empty glass bottles for a refill.

Supporting local farmers when and where you can make a huge economic impact on your area…. try it!


Lori Voss

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