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Get Your Coffee Fix in the N3 Gateway Region

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Get Your Coffee Fix in the N3 Gateway Region

All too often, these very welcome four-day-long weekends throw out our mental calendar, and what we thought was a Sunday is, in actual fact, only Friday! Once realisation of this has sunk in, our faces light with joy as we dream of how we will indulge ourselves. However, when the working week finally arrives, our days of routine have been completely dizzied out and we land up scrambling through the morning. We forget to set our alarms, the children have had late nights, so there is no chance they will wake up at the usual week-day morning 05h30, (typical) but rather cry and moan when you finally put ice on their cheeks in desperation to get them going. And of course the lunch boxes are still sitting in their school bags with rotting apple cores from five days ago…urgh! The traffic, always a nightmare on the first day back and why oh why is there an accident on your chosen route to school and work?

So what wipes away the cobwebs and brings us back to routine again? Mhmm, it’s that absolutely favourite first cup of coffee for the day, isn’t it?

Yes, its pleasures come in many forms: Americano, cappuccino, espresso, latte, skinny, Banting, frothy, Indonesian, Kenyan, Columbian, Mocha Java and the list continues ..

We all know the effect that first, magical cup of coffee has on us: in 30 minutes we go from crazy irritable to happy content and flying.

With this desperate need to have our morning fix, we went out in search of N3 Gateway’s best coffee spots…

Intaba View, set in the tranquil Valley of 1000 Hills, is our first stop. We always love the road leading to this coffee spot, with its sweeping views of the valley below and all the curves and corners: a fabulous motorbike meander. Now, Intaba doesn’t roast its own beans, but they do have a great playground area for your kids to disappear while you sip on your favourite smooth blend and go from zero to hero in personality.

Tel: (031) 783-4011 | | 10, Old Main Road, Drummond
Highland Coffee Roastery in Clarens even has coffee from Sumatra! A taste sensation for you to try is their coffee with condensed milk and rose: now that’s a treat! Highland Coffee Roastery nestles in the village of Clarens, giving you the chance to have an indulgent break from the glorious multitude of art galleries. We all need a pick-me-up and this is the place to beat the afternoon slump!
A micro-roastery, shop and espresso bar in the Maluti Highlands Centre you have to visit.

Tel: (058) 256-1136 | | Clarens

Highland Coffee Roastery

Terbodore Coffee Roasters. Arriving at Terbodore in the Midlands’ Curry’s Post is always a pleasure, with a Great Dane lounging on the sofa. Now the secret about Terbodore is that the imported Arabica coffee beans, sourced from 13 different countries, are roasted, blended and flavoured on site. You can do a coffee tasting ‘round-the-world trip’ while sitting in the Midlands!

There is a blend for all tastes and the beauty is that, as well as purchasing your favoured beans on site, you can also purchase some Terbodore apparel to remind you of your aromatic drinking experience.

(033) 330-2380 || Opening Hours: Thursday to Monday 08h30 – 16h30 | Curry’s Post, KZN Midlands

Terbodore Coffee Roasters

The Olde Duck, in the Underberg area, is the place to be if you need your kids to be entertained, so that you can completely enjoy those amazing views of the Southern Berg and once again sip on a hot cappuccino. The Olde Duck is quite creative with its foam, bunny rabbits, dogs, flowers and hearts: they truly make an effort to give you an arty cuppa! The food is delish by the way, and the on-site shop is full of exciting bits, from kids’ toys, interior ornaments, ladies clothing and all the way to perfumed smellies.

(082) 453-2782 | Opening hours 09h00 – 16h00: closed on Tuesdays | Underberg, Southern Drakensberg

Olde Duck

Valley Bakery, in the Champagne Valley, may not be famous for its coffee, but it certainly captured our taste-buds’ heart! Who can resist the fragrance of fresh croissants, assorted breads and chocolate brownies straight from the oven? Certainly not us: we indulged our mouths and tummies to the absolute limit! The croissants are served flaky and hot! This, accompanied by the sweetness of honey and a creamy, frothy cappuccino, certainly left us all ordering another!

(036) 468-1257 | Situated in the Champagne Valley

Valley Bakery coffee

Keep warm this winter and don’t forget to grab your warm and energising cuppa throughout N3 Gateway’s region!

Lori Voss

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