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Get the Kids to the Midlands Meander before 2020!

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Get the Kids to the Midlands Meander before 2020!

Oh yes, just 3 more months until this decade is done! Say what??!! Yes, you only have 3 more months, well just 77 days to go until we enter the 2020’s! How fast did time disappear? We hope your devices didn’t keep you too busy and that time was rather spent on building those magic memory bank moments of time with family and friends, learning new activities, practicing team work and of course, discovering your favourite space.

With the count down to 01 January 2020 in full swing and of course the December school holidays fast approaching, we prepared a few options you and your loved ones can tick off.

We set out into the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and discovered a few treats you could add to your next outing list.

St Ives BOMA

St Ives Pump Track:
Just across from the Piggly Wiggly gates, lies St Ives Lodge. Not only does St Ives have a super BOMA area for all to come and eat and refresh from lunch time onwards, the St Ives team even thought of how you can work off that amazing meal! Bring your bikes and helmets, sign the indemnity at the BOMA before improving your skills on the track!

Head to the BOMA for a much needed refreshment afterwards or perhaps a dip in their swimming pool.

BuffelsBosch Equestrian

BuffelsBosch Equestrian

Set on a farm in the Lidgetton area, lies BuffelsBosch Equestrian. Not only used for professional events, the team at BuffelsBosch can assist your little person to become a confident rider, or perhaps take you and your team on an outride into the beautiful farmlands of the area. What an incredible feeling to be on horseback in the freedom of the Midlands Meander!

Swissland Cheese

Who doesn’t love a goat?! They help produce such delicious cheeses! Parents grab a blanket, purchase cheeses and crackers from Swissland and the little people will be safe giving a cuddle and feeding the goats. Plus there is even a sitting Zipline! Nature, adrenaline and food all at one venue!

Karkloof Conservation Centre

What a wonderful opportunity to educate your family and friends further on the importance on conservation and their future enjoyment of nature.
Karkloof Conservation Centre can be found at the entrance of the Gartmore Farm, Karkloof, where Wattled, Blue and Crowned Cranes can be seen.
A hide is available for you to witness these endangered birds, we just request you obey the rules to ensure the enjoyment for all and more importantly the birds!

The office opens 08:00 to 16:00 during the week with a charge of R25 per adults and R15 per children. Pensioners pay R15 every Friday.

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