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Gauteng Getaway Competition Analytics

The N3 Gateway ran a month long ‘N3 Gateway Getaway Competition‘ during the month of September. We received 1744 entrants.

Here is the outcome of the competitions survey:


Gauteng: 40,48%

Kwa Zulu Natal: 40,71%

Western Cape: 8,94%


Female: 78,33%

Male: 21,67%

Age Group:

18-29: 25,32%

30-39: 37,54%

40-49: 22,85%

50-59: 8,90%

Resources used when planning Day Trips:

Word of Mouth: 78,65%

Social Media: 78,3%

Hard Copy Magazines and Brochures: 64,77%

Tourism Association: 58,47%

TripAdvisor: 57,82%

Resources used when planning overnight trips:

Local Travel Agent: 88,48%

Tourism Associations: 82,54%

TripAdvisor: 90,33%

Online Booking Engines: 92,67%

Word of Mouth: 88,34%

Listed by Importance for booking trips:

Websites – extremely important

Recommendations by friends and family: Very Important

TripAdvisor: Very Important

Brochures: Moderately Important

Tourism Consumer Shows: Not so important

How long in advance do you book overnight trips: More than 3 months in advance

When traveling with family:

Couple: 38,9%

Couple with 2 children: 19,53%

Couple with 1 child: 12,29%

What our travellers felt were vital in a tourism business

Offering EXCELLENT service

Offering Special activities for the whole family

Offering information on local culture and heritage

The business implemented environmentally friendly practices e.g. saving water, electricity, using eco-friendly products.

Accommodation mostly booked when overnighting (highest to lowest)

  1. Self-Catering
  2. Guesthouse or Bed and Breakfast
  3. Hotel, Motel, Inn or Resort
  4. Caravan and Camping

Most preferred activities to do whilst on a holiday 

  1. Beach
  2. Wildlife/Game Viewing
  3. Food & Wine
  4. Health, spa and wellness
  5. Photography
  6. Shopping
  7. Hiking
  8. Events & Festivals
  9. Horse Riding
  10. Extreme Sports i.e. Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Hot Air ballooning

Destinations visited on the N3 Gateway

Southern Drakensberg – visited a few times for holiday purposes

KwaZulu Natal Midlands – visited a few times for holiday purposes

KwaZulu Natal Battlefields – visited once for educational reasons

Lesotho – majority have not visited, those that did visited mainly for holiday purposes

Central and Northern Drakensberg – visited a few times for holiday purposes

FreeState – majority have not visited, those that did for holiday purposes

Gauteng – visited several times for business

Durban – visited several times for holiday and to visit friends and family

Our audience would like to know more about

  1. Central and Northern Drakensberg
  2. Southern Drakensberg
  3. KwaZulu Natal Midlands
  4. Lesotho
  5. KwaZulu Natal Battlefields

72,43% of our competition entrants heard about our competition through FACEBOOK.

Lori Voss

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