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At the age of three, I was found cycling enthusiastically towards the N3 highway on my tricycle… and so began a lifelong passion for adventure and exploration. In time, my tricycle was replaced by a bicycle, then a schoolboy’s scrambler, and in later years a motorbike. Growing up in KwaZulu-Natal led to endless hours of exploration, as I attempted to traverse every conceivable back road and unearth hidden nooks and crannies. And where a two-wheeler could not gain access, I took to hiking… spending nights in caves, remote cottages or tents high up in the mountains, or amidst foothills or alongside river gorges. It was during these explorations that I became fascinated with the stories of others whose journeys crossed my path.

When I finally obtained my first camera, I was able to combine my two life’s passions…capturing my explorations on film. (And yes, I was one of those enthusiasts who converted the family bathroom into a darkroom, pegging up images on a flimsy string to develop!)

Lens of Africa Photography was birthed out of this desire to explore and capture the beauty found in unusual places and interesting people. I am blessed that my wife (my third and greatest passion!) shares my interests and enthusiasm. As a husband-and-wife team, we have sought to build a strong brand that aims to produce unparalled creativity and excellence.  In time, our business has evolved to span numerous arenas, from advertising and commercial offerings, to travel, lifestyle and wedding photography. While based in Gauteng, we travel throughout the country (and beyond), to serve our clients.


Fred Swart
Lens of Africa Photography
Mobile: 076 257 0084

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