‘Forest Bathing’ it’s a thing!

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‘Forest Bathing’ it’s a thing!

Have you ever taken a forest bath? No, give it a try next time you are surrounded by trees. Forest bathing requires you enter a wooded area, not go at speed but just simply walk, soaking in the green, clean air and oils the tree’s produce.

It should be noted the idea was researched and formulated in Japan, labelled as ‘Shinrin Yoku‘. And is being prescribed to all to assist in lowering blood pressure, countering strokes, ulcers, aid in a good night’s rest and furthermore provide one with a better mood.

Looking to activate your ‘social prescription’?

The N3 Gateway offers the perfect space to head out and find a forest. Come encounter an N3 Forest and receive your complimentary medication.


Karkloof Conservation Centre offers a reason to grab a backpack, put on your trusted walking shoes and stick. The forests are not only home to magnificent Yellowwoods and Stinkwoods, but also a chance for you to catch a glimpse of the Cape Parrot, Crowned Eagles and a golden-tailed woodpecker. Don’t forget the all important mistbelt grassland

Paradise Valley Nature Reserve

Paradise Valley Nature Reserve, situated between Westville and Pinetown, is easily accessible from Durban. A lush coastal forest providing easy walks for the family to explore. Furthermore a natural waterfall is the highlight of your walk at Paradise Valley, allowing you a dip in the heat of the Summer months.

Captured by Alison in Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Offers Afromontane Forest walks. Not the Yellowwood forest you have been introduced to in previous locations, rather Oldwood. These trees are interesting to observe. With their twisted trunks, flakey bark and silky-haired leaves. Although not a tall tree, the forest will protect you from the wind. Along with star-shaped flowers in August and September.

Remember, 90 minutes per day spent in nature will not only brighten your mood, reduce aggression, reduce ADHD symptoms. You can also improve your immune system too!

Lori Voss


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