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Discovering Southern Lesotho in Summer

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Discovering Southern Lesotho in Summer

I am currently arranging a trip to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho in the Summer and invite you to join me on my planning of this adventurous trip.

The last tour of Lesotho I completed was when my little girl was just a one year old; as you can imagine she was a bit of a handful at this age, but we are avid self-drive adventurers and wanted to explore the pristine Southern section of Lesotho.

On that particular trip, we entered Lesotho at Qachas Nek, and headed along the A4 to Mount Moorosi Chalets where we overnighted. The drive between Matatiele, South Africa and Qachas Nek, Lesotho, was quite something as the pass we drove along provided us with magnificent views of the mountainous terrain. The road was not in good condition which allowed my husband to enjoy it even further as he got into 4×4 mode.

The drive along the southern section is on a beautiful tarred road, however that is where it ends as this area is so far removed from commercialism, no stopping for a toilet break or to buy a drink in a shopping centre, as we only passed tiny villages or homesteads all camouflaged into the surrounding vegetation. Each with their local shebeen but never a child-friendly cafe. The scenery is completely wild and unmanicured, with sudden hair-bend turns leading you along elevated contours providing you with either thick misty conditions or incredible panoramic views of patchwork farmlands in the river valleys below. One observation I made was the number of pink outdoor toilets scattered amongst various mountain homeowners. I suppose in the winter an outdoor toilet needs to be inviting!

Mount Moorosi, situated not far from the Orange and Quthing Rivers, provides a self-catering rondavel stay perched on a hill. The local community is extremely friendly, accommodating, and helpful when it came to offering day tour ideas.

Whilst at Mount Moorosi we headed down to the quiet river for a swim, just our little family enjoying the sparkling clear waters that Lesotho has to offer. Whilst lazing in the river and feeling as though we were the river gods of this particular waterway, lo and behold what seemed like Clint Eastwood perched on his horse, (in actual fact a local Basotho man) appeared around the corner. This Basotho horseman draped with the traditional Basotho blanket and stick, strolled straight towards us, smiled as he passed and continued around the next bend. We waited to see whether a group of rebel cowboys were around the corner coming in search of our ‘Basotho Eastwood’, but no one else appeared. A quiet moment but never forgotten.

We followed the Orange River further and headed out of Lesotho at Telle Bridge.

A highly recommended exploration of an area that is very much untouched.

We did miss out on sooo much, and this is why we are headed back this Summer. Our next blog post on Lesotho allows you to journey through Central Lesotho through our planning stages, be sure to catch it.

Lori Voss

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