Discover, experience and enjoy everything this beautiful part of South Africa has to offer, from the mighty Drakensberg

Welcome to the majestic Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa, one of the most stunning mountain ranges in the whole world. It boasts a landscape of legendary grandeur, spectacular scenery and a wide variety of outdoor activities and opportunities that make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore South Africa’s natural beauty.

The Drakensberg is home to some of South Africa’s most beautiful and unspoiled nature reserves and stretches along much of the eastern border of KwaZulu-Natal. Within its folds lies a 5 000 year history, with archaeological evidence such as rock art sites, cave dwellings, Iron Age settlements and Stone Age camps offering amazing insight into our past.

There are so many things to see and do when you explore this beautiful area. Spend some time kayaking, fishing or boating on Umsindusi River, hike along the breath-taking valleys carved by the White Mfolozi River or traverse any one of its many spectacular landscapes, from its rugged coastal cliffs to the rolling hills and grasslands of the KwaZulu-Natal interior. There’s also a wealth of wildlife in the mountains; herds of antelope, baboons, kudu, oribi and wildebeest are just some of the exotic species that can be spotted when exploring the area.

The Drakensberg Mountains have also long been a destination for spiritual retreats due to its ethereal beauty – San rock-art sites can be found all over the area, each with their own unique stories depicting early civilization’s relationship with nature.

An experience in the Drakensberg Mountains will undoubtedly leave an impression with its visitors – whether it’s beautiful vistas from mountaintops or profound spiritual enlightenment from ancient cave paintings, there is something for everyone to experience here. Check out local craft markets or take a leisurely horseback ride through villages alive with traditional music – whatever your preference is there’s no shortage of activities in this magical area! Don’t miss out on discovering this beautiful part of South Africa – immerse yourself in its culture and venture out into nature – you won’t regret it!

Visitors to the majestic Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa can take in breathtaking views while also enjoying activities like mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. The stunning mountain range stretches over 1,000 kilometers and offers an array of natural wonders. From a height of 3,482 meters, it’s possible to get a view of some of South Africa’s most picturesque landscapes.

Those looking to experience the beauty of the Drakensberg on foot can explore its many trails, ranging from rugged and tough hikes to peaceful walks. The trails offer spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and streams; wildlife enthusiasts looking for chances to spot animals such as eland, bushbuck, and reedbuck are sure to find something worth beholding throughout the mountain range.

The southern Drakensberg is also home to some popular ski destinations. Activities such as snowboarding, alpine skiing, ice skating, tobogganing, and snow tubing are all available for those who would like to enjoy the special winter experience that this part of South Africa has to offer. The climate in the area is generally mild during winter months.

Travelers interested in South African heritage can take a visit to several remarkable San rock art sites located in the Drakensberg area, revealing captivating stories inscribed in rocks by Bushmen a few millennia ago. Visitors can learn more about San history and culture by exploring these incredible sites scattered around the mountains.

Full of experiences – both physical and cultural – the area has much to offer those who go exploring and discovering it’s beauty. From active sports, scenic walks and cultural heritage – those who visit this part of South Africa will be sure to have something amazing waiting for them!

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