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Driving on long journeys is often more hazardous than negotiating busy city streets. With little to do, boredom sets in, which in turn leads to drowsiness. Symptoms to watch out for are: yawning, heavy eyelids, spasmodic jerks of the body and your vehicle wandering off...

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Switch on your vehicle's headlights. Avoid abrupt acceleration, braking and steering movement. Sudden stops and turns may cause skidding. Allow extra distance for braking. Your car needs more distance to stop on wet roads. Increase your following distance. Allow at least 4 to 8...

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1. Long distances Driving long distances is tedious for children, so a long drive should be planned to include rest stops, toys, games and refreshments. 2. Car sickness Babies and adults rarely suffer from travel sickness in motor cars, and the driver, who is fully occupied,...

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The Automobile Association urges motorists to observe some golden rules, before departing on their holiday this year. The first priority before any trip is undertaken is to check vehicle safety. All lights and indicators, windscreen wipers, brakes, steering and exhaust systems as well as tyres should...

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