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A Walk to Remember

A new decade. One that has a super cool number – 2020! Don’t you feel it deserves an epic activity to kick off the year?

Based on how our post-festive bodies are handling life right now, we thought we would start with a momentous ‘walk’. Naturally with the mention of exercise the notorious procrastination kicked in. Rather we found ourselves reminiscing on our momentous walks that led to greater chapters in our life. Some super scary, others much easier.

A few incredible walks that were mentioned in the office:

Your first day of school! Waving goodbye to your parents as you fearfully walk into a new school, new classroom, new friends, new teacher all whilst in a uniform two sizes up.

Likewise for the moms amongst us, being the brave parent who walked your little one to the Grade 1 classroom and then walking away. Afterwards having to hold back the tears in the car park (not the best day to wear mascara).

For some it was the walk before popping the big, “Will you marry me?” question. Hands clammy, butterflies in the tummy, a super dry mouth, you know the feeling. On the other hand, the bride who had to walk down what seemed an endless aisle to meet her future husband?

In a similar fashion, it may have been that conquering moment you bravely, yet jelly-legged, agreed to a hike in the Berg knowing your acrophobia may send you over the edge. Of a cliff. EEK!

To kick start 2020, regain our worthy position in the active wear brigade, we searched our N3 Gateway corridor for a few special walks. And yes, by March we should be moving into a slow trot!

Lions Bush Conservancy

Every third Thursday of the month, a country walk departs from Fort Museum at 9am! R20 donation towards the Lion Bush Conservancy.
Book your space with Roy : +27 (0)82 487 0922

Giants Castle Slack Packing

Three night moderate walk from lodge to lodge, without the hassle of carrying a backpack or arranging your food. Your walk begins at Antbear Lodge and heads onto Leopards Lair Lodge ending at ZuluWaters Game Reserve.
Take a look at the itinerary.

Aasvoelkrans Hike image: Drakensberghikes.com

Aasvoelkrans Hike

An excellent family 8km return moderate walk accessed from Highmoor Nature Reserve. Your prize destination is a stunning double storey cave, with water flowing over allowing you a swim in the pool below. As there is a steep entrance to the bottom of the cave, best not to take those struggling with steep inclines.

Image: Rhino Peak by @geraldzinyo

Rhino Peak

For the more ambitious, head to Garden Castle in the Southern Drakensberg and test your strength. A very popular, yet challenging hike that covers an altitude of 1 840m. This 21km hike, can either be completed in 1 day by the fit. Alternately if looking to take it gentle, overnight at Pillar Cave. (Book your spot at Pillar Cave prior to arrival)

Titanic Rock

This one is unsinkable! Admittedly, yes, it is named after the steamer that sank, quite simply as it’s large sandstone cliff, resembles that of a ship’s bow. An easy quick walk, that once at the top offers you unbelievable views of Clarens Village. Some say its the best spot to watch a Sunrise.

Finally, with so many good reasons to take a walk, all you need now is your walking buddy, good walking shoes, and a day set aside for a mood uplifted! Need further encouragement on the benefits of walking? Take a read Forest Bathing – its a thing blog post.

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