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9 Instagrammers on a Journey along the N3 Gateway – PART 1

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9 Instagrammers on a Journey along the N3 Gateway – PART 1

Imagine hosting 9 excitable Instagrammers, taking them along the N3 Gateway and having to restrict their photographic sessions due to a hectic time schedule?! Yes, we endeavoured to do the unthinkable! We took cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, GoPro’s and Smart Phones and their owners for a 5-day journey of the N3 Gateway!

The brief was to discover the hidden gems, capture the essence of each location and engage with the humans who are the reason the tourists return eagerly.

In this blog post, we showcase Antbear Lodge, set in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains, 35 km’s from Mooi River. An easy 2 hour 15 minutes drive from Durban and 4 hours 15 minutes from Johannesburg.

A few excerpts from our Instagrammers on Antbear Lodge:

Antbear Lodge, Mooi River by Mark Lyne
“The wonder that is Antbear Lodge is difficult to describe. Every imaginative detail is handcrafted with a level of eccentricity I have not seen before. With wooden doors that open like old safes and windows that look like trees, it feels a lot like one has fallen down the rabbit hole or somehow ended up in the shire out of Lord of the Rings.”

Antbear Lodge, Mooi River, by Lynell Bunger

“My eye caught the most decadent looking chocolate cake topped with gooseberries, and we were invited to sit outside to enjoy a slice of this fabulous cake with a cup of coffee while watching an afternoon thunderstorm roll in.

Dinner was a delicious three-course meal prepared by Chef Jason and his staff, where we learnt that 80% of the food is from the farm (Farm to Table) including homemade cheese, farm fresh eggs, milk, organic vegetables and fruit & homemade preserves just to name a few.”

Antbear Lodge, by Alison Johnston

“This uniquely quirky and interesting haven tucked away in the beautiful Mooi River and easily accessible along the N3 is a must for all travellers wanting a weekend escape to a beautifully situated hideaway. The staff are friendly and have real conversations with you…

Its almost impossible to not keep looking around at all the marvellous woodwork and the cave is a MUST as far as staying for the weekend.

I loved Antbear Lodge and as a photographer, I could have stayed for days.”

Jenna Knights on Antbear Lodge 

“Upon arrival, we were all in awe of the magnificent and unique architecture and decor. A beautiful staircase up to a naturally lit living room seemed like the perfect place to just relax and unwind. The chandeliers lining the dining room were all very eccentric and unusual. It was clear to us that Antbear lodge had put a lot of time and effort into all the detail of their lodge.”

Our next blog in this series will be what was discovered en route to the Northern Drakensberg. A place so pristine it is quite incredible!

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